Monday, 20 May 2013

Weekend in Review

Sometimes you just need a break. You know? A time out, in a good way, from the busy kerfuffle of day to day life - no matter what that day looks like for you. Well that was what this weekend was for me. And Ill tell ya, it is hard to put the paintbrush down and walk away from that to-do list. But, you do what you gotta do. Sacrifice and take it easy! Right? What did you get up to?

Let me fill you on a wee little secret. Im LAME. In a positive not down on myself sort of way. It is just the truth. We are probably all lame in one way or another. I just embrace it. An example was my Friday night. I had the world at my feet, Sarah offered to hold down the fort and watch the babe, and I opted to stay in. Glass of wine in hand. Puzzle covering the table. This gals getaway! {Sarah is in for a wild ride this summer!}

Saturday comprised of coffee, cinnamon rolls, friendly banter, slippers, more puzzle, and a sprinkle of laundry here and there. My excuse: the beautiful rain. There is something about the sound of the drops hitting the window and the dull colour of the sky that whispers 'relax' and demands coffee.

All good things come to an end. Sunday brought along sunshine so Finley and I hopped straight to work finishing up that laundry and trying out the new to us bark recipe to share with Pops on his birthday. {Which is almost gone...} Then off we scooted to the in-laws to share our loot and partake in a feast of lobster. I snapped a few photos for ya's.

Moe couldn't stay out of the pond.
What's new?

Family photo op moment - less Robert.

Lobster anyone?!
They were delish!

And a few more with the birthday boy and his favourite little guy. *These are for you Pops! We love you!

Im not even sure Pops got any bites of his own pie!
Ravenous child of mine!

And that is that. No productivity in site. Which means I need to stop blabbing to you and get to work!

Chat soon!

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