Sunday, 5 May 2013

Holy Moly


Allow me to explain.

Today is Sunday. Few, aren't you glad we got that out of the way?! If you hadn't stopped by you never would have known.

But seriously, today is in fact Sunday. And from here on out Sunday is the day I would like to share a recipe or food item with all of you. These posts will range from the basics we have around here all the time, new recipes I'm trying for the first time, a whopping spread of a meal {rare around these parts!}, and anything in-between. So now that you are all filled in on the latest, you can deduce why I was going on about guacamole before.

We love guacamole under this roof. Rob is pretty darn picky about what he eats but is slowly coming around as my family and I introduce him to new 'exciting' food options. Guacamole being one of his latest discoveries. He goes with the classic chip and dip style which cant be debated - it is delicious. But  my brother recently expanded my horizons and had me add it as a hamburger topping. Can you say genius?! You highly recommend trying it at your next BBQ.

And speaking of BBQ's - tis' the season! A few of our neighbours got together last evening for the first one of the summer. Each household brought their own meat/grill item and a side to share with the group. And can I just say what a stinking good idea that was! My neighbour Jenn suggested it and what an easy way to get together without putting too much stress on the host {Ill have to check in with Angie and RJ, who hosted the party, to make sure that turned out to be the case!}

Rob and I brought along ribs for ourselves and dan dan dannnnn....guacamole! And unless Rob ate it all while I wasn't looking, to spare my feelings, it was a hit!

Delicious Guacamole and Chips in my new Superstore bowl! 
I dont follow a recipe per say, we just go by taste. But the following ingredients are what bring success.

*If you are a person who needs figures in the kitchen, check out this link for measurements. But feel free to deviate as you get more comfortable with it.

  • Avocados {two or three depending on the number of mouths you have to feed} 
  • Lime juice {squeeze one fresh lime and zest if you're up for it}
  • Tomato {one or two depending on size and your preference}
  • Onion {I use red because it adds colour but use whichever you prefer}
  • Cilantro {optional. Some people are against cilantro. Use discretion}
  • Garlic {I just use one good size clove}
  • JalapeƱos {optional. They add great flavour but again, use discretion}
  • Salt {to taste}
Done and done. Simple as that. 

Try it out for your next BBQ session or games night. I can guarantee it will be a hit!

Happy Recipe Sunday! {not catch eh? Any suggestions?}

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