Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Get Inspired

What are your design philosophies?

Like my house, many of mine change from day to day. But the one approach that always stands true is to keep the big picture in mind - our house today, how we live in each space, and the possibilities of what could be ahead. Im aware that it is impossible to predict the future. And no, I dont have clairvoyant powers that Ive avoided mentioning up until now. But I am budget consious and every decision I make in my home is one that I want to last and love for years to come. Choices that will grow with our family as we evolve and change.

Which is why when it comes to decorating Finley's room I am slow to make decisions. *Slower than normal and that is really saying something. I have been searching for inspirations to bring his room together and really mold it into a space that inspires imagination, creativity, and a sense of comfort. And will continue to do so for years to come.

Finley's Room.

This is Mr. Finely's room as it sits now. Actually that is a fib. I changed it around late last week while cleaning. The arrangement changes monthly but the style remains the same. An eclectic space made up of new and old, both bold colour and tame neutrals. Filled with items both Robert and I have cherished individually for years and want to share with Finn as he grows. Along with new items we picked out just for him. {One of these days ill give you a closer walk through of the space. I swear it!}

Check out some rooms that have caught my eye and sparked ideas of inspiration for up and coming projects. *Hopefully in the nearish future.


This nursery really has it all doesn't it?! The pops of colour, textures, book storage, those small cubbies, the locally grown sign above the crib... okay so I love it all! But my favourite, and the main reason I had to share this space, is the extra bed. It looks so inviting! A perfect spot for the whole family to snuggle up and read bed time stories. And when the time comes it will be all ready for the little guys transition. Always thinking ahead! {If you love this space as much as I do, go check out the rest of the home at}


Two beds are better than one! That is my new motto. After searching the internet high and low for bed inspirations I keep coming back to this room by Jen from iheartorganizing {If you havnt checked out her blog before now, it is an absolute must! Stop. Drop. And roll on over there!}. There is just something about the way two beds look in a kids room that feels... right. Like you know there are sleepovers and monkeys jumping to come.


I've been noticing these simple built in desks done in almost every room of a house. They are an efficient use of space that is for sure. But I especially like them for a kids room because they could function as a play/craft area for the earlier years and grow with them into their homework high school years.


What a neat idea for brothers sharing a room! I can't fathom being organized enough to give up an entire closet for play space but perhaps we could work with half and half...It would definitely be worth drawing up a few scenarios. Down the road this will be revisited that is for sure.


Toy storage can be tricky. They take up a tone of space I am quickly learning and can imagine will only get worse from here. Which is why this idea of a full cabinet painted in a bold colour dedicated as a toy hideout is genius to me. Within it could have labeled bins and baskets for smaller items but also house the large clunky ones. And if the kiddos can manage to do without the additional storage down the road, it can be relocated somewhere else in the house - after a few coats of paint of course.

What spaces have you been seeking out inspirations for? Any plans of attack coming together? I'd love to hear from you!

Chat soon!

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