Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Get Inspired

Here in Canada we just enjoyed a federal holiday to honour Queen Victoria's birthday. Happy Birthday to you...

But beyond the birthday celebrations it is also the time of year people tend to switch into full swing summer mode. If the weather is nice, which it unfortunately was not in these here parts, the gardening gets underway, the outdoor toys reappear {big and small alike}, and the cottage keys come out of hiding. And what a wonderful feeling that brings when you crack that door after a winter of waiting and throw open every window and door.

My family has a cottage on a lake near where I grew up. I have such fond memories of days spent listening to the loons call, swinging off the Tarzan rope, reading on the deck snuggled in a comfy chair, chowing down on classic camp foods, and playing cards into the wee hours of the night {don't tell Grammpy about the card playing! That was supposed to be a secret.} There is just something about a cottage that calms the mind and brings you right back to being a kid again.

It doesn't have to be fancy thats for sure. But in the spirit of summer and relaxing getaways with the whole family, lets take a look at a few lovely cottages to find inspiration on this Wednesday afternoon.


This huge front porch exudes good cheer with its wide open space and bright red rockers. I can certainly imagine myself enjoying a coffee, or two, with my feet up on that railing.


How can you not fall in love with this space designed by Sarah Richardson?! The creams, whites, blues, and natural wood grains create a comfortable space without overpowering the beautiful view of the water.
Me + Wine + Puzzle + There = Dream


I would have no trouble cooking in that kitchen or playing games over that gorgeous ottoman - on vacation or not! If you are crazy about this cottage style make sure you check out Summer Home on HGTV.


There is just something about wood panelling and brass bed rails that says relax. breath. stay awhile. stay forever.


And how about this for a dock - which, realistically, is where most of the time is spent when in cottage country! Im there! {Check out that link for more gorgeous dock ideas}

Well I dont know about you, but after all that I can hardly wait to pack of the gang and head to the cottage! Soon enough! But our cottage most certainly does not look like the ones above... perhaps it will get a little facelift one of these summers!

Chat soon!

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  1. Elaine MacDonald22 May 2013 at 14:55

    All of the above are wonderful places oozing with relax, yes wine, and enjoy the sunshine. So looking forward to exactly that!! come on summer!!


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