Thursday, 16 May 2013

DIY Rewritable Cleaning Schedule

After looking through organization idea after organization breakthrough yesterday and getting the post done up and sent out I sat back in my chair and took a look around. My house was, and still is, a disaster. Clutter galore, dishes piled up, laundry to be folded, and enough of Moe's hair covering the floor to make a dog coat for a giant. And then I gave up on life...

Not! I had just been inspired - remember? But instead of getting straight to work on the cleaning, as any normal person would do {but who wants to be normal really?}, I pulled a Jillian Jillian Jilllan Jigs and got to work on a little DIY project to help me keep up with the cleaning. Check it out!

I started by giving a boring black frame a facelift with a coat of navy paint. The frame was $10 at Wal.Y.Mart and the paint was left over from Finley's room {aka free}.

Work/Disaster Zone
*Note the coffee mug in amongst the work supplies and everyday clutter. Remember it from my haul last weekend? Beverages just taste better from a lovely mug!

Not quite done - both the frame and my hair!
The glass was hot glued to the frame {annoying} and there was no gap to slide in any painters tape to protect the glass from splatter so I just sloshed it on there. Once it dried I used a razor blade to remove the excess paint. Just like new.

It is quick and easy to remove paint from glass - no need to fret.
Next stop was where I discovered a darling printable cleaning schedule to suit my needs. *It is a pdf file so you could go ahead and type in your schedule before printing but for our purposes today I left it blank. Then using the frame display I cut the schedule to size.

And ta-da! Just like that I have myself a re-writable cleaning schedule. Goodbye paper lists that just get lost or forgotten.

Re-writeable Weekly Cleaning Schedule
Hello re-writeable schedule that wont get misplaced and is too cute to be erased from your memory! {te-he-he}

But beyond the eye candy, this schedule actually works with you. If you have an ever changing schedule and cant always guarantee a task will get done the same day each week this is a great solution. Sit down at the beginning of each week with your schedule and see when you are free for the cleaning. That way you avoid winding up with it all accumulated on one day {usually the weekend} and likely some frustrations as well!

Now I am off to pull this place together - a little at a time!

Chat soon! & Happy Organizing!

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