Thursday, 9 May 2013

Outside our Casa

In Mondays weekend update I mentioned we had tackled a few outdoor projects but didn't get into them because there is such thing as information overload. So today was going to be the day to get filled in. Until I remembered some of you have no sweet clue what our home looks like from the outside. Not ideal. And giving you a 360 tour as well as running through the projects would bring us right back to where we started - information overload. Drats.

But alas there is a solution. Let's go ahead and take that tour. Followed by the plan of attack for our outdoor space in list form {Remember Planning to Plan? It is still going strong around here}. Then we will reassess.

Deal? Deal!

Bienvenue, Welcome to the front exterior of our home!

We built this little lady two years ago and she is one of our pride and joys. We loved the unique floor plan, the large windows, attached garage {hum - Rob}, and the neighbourhood she sits in.

But let me fill you in on a little something I learned. A new house = a lot of work. Please let me clarify that I am in no way insinuating that a new house is more work than an old. No. What I mean is a new home is more work than I had envisioned. Because its new. It should be done and good to go, right? Wrong-o! People say that when you own a house the work is never done. That is BANG on sister! There is always something to do. And with a new home you are the first in line to get things started.

The exterior is no exception. My list is like a mile long {which you'll see in a second}. But everything out there seems to cost so. much. money. And we are on a budget, sadly. Rob has to remind me to slow down. One thing at a time.

From this side angle you can really see the height this gal's got! Though she may be tall and square, we think she has potential.

Rob and I took a stab at the gardening last year and put in that front flower bed. For our first time we were quite pleased with ourselves but it certainly needs a little love again this year.

And alas, her hind end. I sure have some explaining to do back here. We have big dreams on a low budget with two do-it-yourselfers behind the wheel. That about sums it up.

First the positives. My Mam and Robert stained the deck last summer and we were pleased with the outcome {I was preggo so got to skip that doozy}. You can just barely see it there, and I forgot to get a better angle sorry, but up to the right of the photo off of the garage is a flower box that Robert built for me. He also put up the retaining wall. Both of which have held up well! Finn would offer up a 'clap clap' for that!

Now to address the ugly. We wanted a space to put chairs and a purchased fire pit. A place to gather and relax. Fail. The stones just didnt do the trick. It is not quite big enough and remains on the list. Also, that Moe does a real number on our grass and it too needs some serious attention.

Speaking of lists. Now that you have an idea of what we are working with lets see that ever daunting list of to-dos.

  • Paint Foundation
  • Stain Front Step
  • Remove Railing from Front Step
  • Build Flower Boxes {Supplies}
  • Fence {Supplies}
  • Plan & Build Back Lower Deck/Stone Pad {Supplies}
  • Dig Out & Build Fire-pit
  • Cement Drive & Path
  • Dig Side Garden Along Drive {Boxwoods}
  • Pressure-spray House 
  • Pressure-spray Compost Bin
  • Screen Door {Hang}
  • Paint Front Door & Screen
  • Build Box Around Stones Beneath Deck {Sand/Stones & Supplies}
  • Table, Chairs, & Umbrella
  • Chairs for Around Fire-pit
  • BBQ {Build in?}
  • Patio Furniture
  • Expand Front Garden & Mulch
  • Dig Down Back Garden 
  • Stain Retaining Wall out Back
  • Plants for Back Garden
  • Stain Side Box
  • Repaint Mailbox
  • Planters {Flowers & Soil}
There you have it as it currently stands. Im mulling over different ideas everyday however, that may weasel their way on. What does your list for outside look like for the summer?

So now that you've seen the house and have an idea of where we want to go with it, lets quickly check out the most important thing we did over the weekend to help our lady out. At least in my opinion.

I have been saying {maybe even nagging} ever since we moved in that we needed to paint that darn foundation! It was literally a pain in my side. It was just. so. ugly. But as things do, it went unfinished. Which is why I insisted that it be the VERY first thing we do outside on the VERY first sunny day.

To refresh your memory of what it looked like before. Blah!

The application was straight forward. Just pull back the rocks, dirt, or whatever is meeting up at the foundation. If it is wet allow drying time before applying paint. Then go for it.

We went with a colour match for our siding, which they should be able to do at any hardware store. It  took a few tries but we were please in the end.

I got the process started but Robert did end up doing most of the work. While I watched Finley...

Who ended up eating dirt anyway! Officially mom of the year here.

But take a look. After two years of waiting, look at the difference a can of paint and a patient man can make.

We will call it quits there and pick up from here soon.


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