Friday, 10 May 2013

Busy Bee

Let's keep right on trucking from yesterday and check out the rest of our little outdoor projects.

A quick reminder of what we started with:

First stop was the garden {after painting the foundation, which I shared yesterday}. 

We were pleased with the overall shape the garden already had. It adds a bit of curve to the front of the very square house. But we had chickened out last year and made this itty bitty thin curve that was barely big enough to plant an annual. So we found the gumption and pulled up a significant chunk more.

Then common-law made a nice deep edge - with the help of two extra wee hands of course. I am a sucker for the look of a raised garden bed. I like to see the plants and have them add texture rather than lose them in the house.

Next stop, while I finished up in the garden, was the front step. 

It needed a little spruce up before planters and pretties. But then I got it in my head that I wanted to take the railing off. So we did. It had been railingless for the entire time we were building and I loved it. Then one day we came by and ta-da there was this railing...I was less than delighted. Now we have a remedy and we can see about adding some flower boxes down the road. After filling the holes, a light sanding and a splash of paint it was good as new.

Then a quick facelift with stain brought some life to the worn treads. We took a shortcut by not sanding everything down but we will see how it does and next year it will get a good work over.

Rob added a coat of spray paint to the mailbox while he was at it. The boys and I got caught taking a break while he worked... Ah-Oh! Kisses all around!

Then, since we already had the stain out, I went ahead and stained the garden box Robert built last year {we had to wait a year to let the wood weather.}

Garden Box Before
Garden Box After
Then Uncle Ryan showed up and Robert got a well deserved break to play some catch while I quickly threw a coat of stain on that back retaining wall as well. Not that it helped matters much back there. It is still in need of serious help.

Finally we come to the end of our tour. It most certainly was a busy few days but well worth the effort. Since we got everything done early we now get to sit back and enjoy watching the plants bud new life and not fret about all the work still left to be done. In the front garden anyway - we most certainly will be addressing that back yard!

And the final product looks like a-so:

We are pleased with the results. There is certainly lots left to do but just had to share the progress.

And since we shared, Finley and I both, why don't you fill us in on what you have been up to in your yard!

Chat soon!

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