Tuesday, 21 May 2013

DIY Compost Bin

Any compost friendly homes out there in blog land?

Here in Nova Scotia there are regulations set in place as far as composting goes. So we are not completely selfless in our participation. But it truly is a simple way to be environmentally friendly. The only catch is the compost itself. Funny how that works, eh?!

The province provides every home with a smallish indoor bin to be emptied in a large exterior bin. For those of you unfamiliar with our forward thinking ways {hehe}. The indoor bin usually gets stashed under the counter in our home until it is overflowing. But since Robert has been away the bin takes over a week to fill to the brim and by the time I remember to take it out everything is nasty mouldy. So I've resorted to filling bowls, boxes or recyclables on the counter. Nice topic for a Tuesday morning, I know. But have no fear. I have an easy solution.

Remember this unfinished ceramic jar with handles that has been waiting to find its purpose? Today is the day. It is the perfect size for an on-the-counter compost bin. And since it doesn't have a lid it gets emptied every day - helping me avoid any unwanted mould encounters.

Two coats of leftover grey paint from the frame spruce up was the first step. I painted inside and out to avoid frigging with taping off a straight line. But do as you wish. Spruce it up or down as you please.

After you use your creative juices and set down the foundation of your choice it is stencil time. I went ahead with the obvious and straight forward 'compost.' Before you do anything permanent pencil out your positioning and spacing. Then proceed with paint.

I tried a sponge brush to start with but it bled through. Second attempt worked much better with a paint pen. Some people and their creations! I tell you what.

The last step is a clear coat. Id strongly suggest doing a once over to make sure everything is as you intended. And do any additional detailing you'd like. Then go ahead with the clear coat. It goes on as a creamy white and dries clear. Treat it as you would a stain and do it all at one time. This is an essential step for easy future cleaning.

And that is that. A simple four step transformation that is pleasing to the eye and functional. Nothing beats that!

Chat Soon!


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