Monday, 27 May 2013

Boys, Boats & Bruins

Monday again! That means yet another fun filled weekend has come to a close. Tear.

What did you get up to? Any cottaging after last weeks inspirations? Yard work perhaps? Social outings? A pinch of baking to round out the weekend? {*elbow jab to ribs* Get it? Round out! Ha. Ha.}

We dabbled at a bit of this and that. Nothing too extreme because this was Roberts only weekend home this time round so I gave him a break. He has decided to try out an 18 x 18 rotation so he is headed back West Friday, his birthday. Double whammy. But that certainly doesn't mean we didn't do anything - as nice as that sounds actually. I thought I'd get this week started by sharing a few of the highlights.

Finley and I typically spend our Friday's hanging out with our new friends Owen and Landon while their mother, Amy, is at work {You've already been introduced indirectly. Remember the lost phone fiasco? It was their home we were leaving.} She is a nurse, so they are here for a full twelve hour day. I know, I'm slightly crazy. I originally offered because I don't know very many people here in this county and thought it would be great for Finn to have regular social interaction. Right? And selfishly I was hoping to make a friend along the way as well. Turns out it all worked out just as I had mischievously planned. Amy is now someone I would call a friend - she is so bright and fun, go ahead and assume you'd love her too. And now that Finley is a bit older he is crazy about those two rambunctious guys. Add Moe to the mix and Im honestly afraid of what they will be getting up to sooner than later.

Fishing is another highlight to the weekend - in both a good and bad way. Bad news first: Robert was out with his dad fishing and broke the boat! Nice! So they had to pull it out of the water to get it all fixed up. Finley helped Uncle Ryan supervise! He is natural in the bossy department. Can't begin to imagine where he gets that from...

The good news is that they got everything fixed up - forgiveness exchanged between Rob and his Dad {hehe} - and they were back out on the water lickity-split. Finley got to put his new life-jacket to use and take the captains seat all in one day! Fearless, like his Papa.

And speaking of Papa. A group of us went out to celebrate his birthday on Saturday night. Well, it was a joint celebration for both Robert and our neighbour Greg who's birthday was last week.

Finley was more than happy to be excluded from that group. He got to stay in and hang out with his pal Pops. *This kid is absolutely smitten with his Pops and he is only eleven months old! Seriously. Im afraid for the day he wants nothing to do with me because his Pops is cooler, or whatever the kids are saying these days. Wow, that was a Nan thing for me to say. But it is true. Nothing could compete with a Saturday night playdate that includes Meema, Pops, and a frozen yogurt tube. {A trick I picked up from my brother Josh! The frozen feels good on his teeth in progress}.

But this Momma and Papa where delighted to get some social time in. The gals gathered at our house for pre dinner wine and gabbing. Documented above with a photo by Robert Mac. We make Saturday night look good don't we? The guys stayed close to the tv next door at Greg's because hockey was on. *I cancelled the tv here for the summer a while back so they had no interest in our house. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying good few, friendly banter, and sneak peaks at the game by Greg {a die hard Bruins fan}. They won, so I dare say it was a good night had by all.

As you can tell, no major projects got underway around the house. But after a relaxing weekend I am motivated to go. And hopefully Robert is too. The golf may have to take a back seat this trip home. We shall see. Keep you posted!

Chat soon!

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  1. Meema and Pops love every minute of it, love the playtime and the mischief with little Mr. Finley.


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