Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday Makeover

Monday, Monday, Monday. Welcome to Monday! {Said in my deepest newscaster voice - of course! Or maybe it is actually a game show host...}

This week is off to a start! There is something in the air. Or maybe just too much sugar in my coffee. Either way, ill take it! Newscaster included.

Finley and I spent a lovely weekend visiting with Gramma Doris, Tantie Sarah since her exciting arrival for the summer, neighbour friends Jenn{ifer} and Greg{oire}, and Roberts family for a delectable Mothers Day meal. It seems that we had our social pants on. And as delightful as all that sounds, and was equally pleasing in person, it is not the highlight that I am over the moon, under the stars, around the bend excited to share with you!! 

My darling dear opposite-sex common-law partner gave me the sweetest of gifts for my first Mothers Day. Please note: Robert is a practical gift giver if I ever met one. Romance...ah not really - though he  has finally learner the key to my heart is fresh flowers. For instance, his first gift to me {ever} was a lime green backpack because I was using my satchel to carry school books. An argument could be made for sweetness because he was concerned about my comfort but overall it can be categorized as a highly practical gift choice. This Mothers Day he kept true to himself and I am overjoyed to share that he treated me to a blog design upgrade! Woot woot! 

Note: He made a good call once. A single time right does not a good gifter make.

So keep your eyes peeled for our new and improved look coming soon from I am tickled to share it with you!

Sneak peak at the template shall we...

Livvy Premade
Livvy Template
Hope you are as excited as I am and looking forward to having it up and running soonish!

Enjoy your Monday!

Chat soon!


  1. That's what Seth did for me for one of my Christmas gifts! Can't wait to see the new look!

  2. Elaine MacDonald13 May 2013 at 17:35

    Amm looking forward to seeing this too Allison....


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