Friday, 17 May 2013

Picnic Photo Op

Earlier this week Finley, Tantie Sarah, and I decided to have a late afternoon picnic {in the back yard, whoopee} but it turned into a little mini photo op. Which was gggreat! Because I had been dying to try out our new photo editing program - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4. As well as document this time in Finley's life of course.

When it came to the editing I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but enjoyed every moment on the learning curve none the less. I dabbled with a bit of this and that and feel proud of the progress made. But do beware! I am madly in love with my little guy and there are like a zillion photos of him in all his cuteness glory just ahead! Enjoy!

Oh the places he will go...
His newest grin - we are in for treat with this guy!

He gets me every time!
Moments to be cherished.
Forever loved.
We are quite the pair!
Dont you just want to smooch him right on the lips?!

I do! Any chance I get!

... so does Moe!
Tantie loves her some Finley!
{And he sends it right on back}
Did I catch you grinning? Hope so!

Chat soon.


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