Thursday, 23 May 2013

Vintage Record Stand Makeover

Remember that vintage record player stand that followed me home a few weeks back? {See it, and my other scores, here} Well, look at it now!

Quite the transformation eh?! There really is nothing more rewarding than revamping a dated anything, in this case piece of furniture, to something functionally beautiful. It now has a whole new life ahead of it. {Insert giggles of glee here}

Let me walk you through the steps that brought us to this fan.ta.bu.lous outcome.

Grammy Doris {Gram} hard at work.

First things first, we put Gram to work removing the sliding doors and the swirly decorative trim. For some of you that trim may have been the appeal to this piece but I wanted to find the clean lines under there without loosing the character completely of course - which I think is still evident through those gorgeous legs. An who doesn't love smooth shapely legs?! But, my apologies to those of you who have hurt feelings by my choices. Forgive me?

The hand sander and I had a fight.
He almost got the best of me.

I also went ahead and pulled the dividers out because they were not actually fastened down. It made things much quicker and easy - both music to my ears. Then I got straight to work sanding. Make sure to get down to the wood inside and out because that gloss finish can make for a real headache a few steps down the road if not completely removed.

Finley oversaw the project. He is already learning from his Mom - he may be a touch bossy... Pap will be thrilled!

Next stop is paint. My go-to. First coat is primer. You don't need a super thick coat just a thin layer. The key is to have it evenly applied over the entire piece. After that dries you can move on to your colour. Let the real fun begin!

Okay, so I am not actually super duper fun! I went with a cream. But you could chose any colour in the rainbow and be the fun one. Im just not a 100% sure where this piece will live and need it to be flexible. But hey, I did step out and switch it up from white. So take that! {The colour is actually called Macaroon Cream by Pittsburgh Paints} I ended up doing three coats of the cream to make sure it was good and covered. Always starting on the inside and working my way out to ensure no runs and even application each time.

And you cant really tell in the pictures but I took it one step further and added three layers of clear gloss - since I still had it out in the garage from the Compost Bin project. In person it adds a nice touch and makes it look more like a store bought item rather than a home DIY facelift.

And check out my clever solution to drying the legs without smudging! I called them my beer gnomes. hehe. I make myself laugh.

After everything dries all that is left are the finishing touches. Reattach those shapely legs and insert the dividers. Check me out! I added a little surprise of colour - grey is a colour in my books - with the dividers. They can easily be painted if necessary and they certainly add a special look to the piece. I opted to leave one out because I preferred the look and use of space.

Finally you get to place your brand new piece, to you, in that special spot and decorate it with pretties. For now she stands in the upstairs spare room as a night stand. The dividers are perfect as magazine holders. The different shelves and flexible design is perfect for housing all your nightstand needs. And when company comes it is plenty big enough to remove some of the magazines and add a basket of overnight goodies for their stay.

And there you have it! A beautiful new addition to any space in your home.

I know you will all want to come spend a night at my house after seeing this beauty that would welcome you. But I am booked up for the summer so youll just have to stop by for tea instead. Deal?

Chat soon!


  1. Oh, my goodness! What a dramatic transformation! I love it! Thanks so much for stopping by to leave me a sweet comment on my Summertime Blues Mantel post. I appreciate your kind words. I'm your newest Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter follower. I hope you'll visit again soon and maybe even follow me back. Have a wonderful week.

  2. This turned out SO awesome! Great job!

    1. Brenda Belliveau23 May 2013 at 14:06

      You did a great job Allison!!It looks FABULOUS ;-)

  3. Wow looks great Allison, a nice addition to the spare room for sure.....

  4. Just found your blog through Leanne's! The night stand turned out great!
    - Laura

    1. Thank you so much Laura! I hope you'll keep checking in!

  5. Very clever Allison! I love what you did!
    I would love if you stopped by my linky party happening now to share this!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

    1. Thank you so much Stacey!
      I stopped by your blog and took a look around and I loved it! I will definitely be back to check on what you are up to! I also linked up to your party as you suggested. There are some great ideas to be found thats for sure!

  6. Allison... I love it! You are pretty amazing! Also the beer gnomes gave me the giggles!

    1. Oh you are too sweet Margaret! I am pleased it turned out so well.
      And I am delighted to hear you appreciated the beer gnome reference. I too got found the thought silly!


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