Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Get Inspired

Everyone needs a little inspiration now and then. Others need it even more often than that. Put me down in the 'others' category for sure. And if you fall in that same category, boy do I have news for you!

I have been trying to create some order around this here blog and set up some regular reliable series of posts to keep you comin' on back for more {A Southern accent was momentarily channelled. I reckin' I liked it}. Thus the introduction to Recipe Sunday earlier this week - fancy that it fell on a Sunday. And now lets hear it for Wacky Wednesdays!! I am most certainly kidding. About the name that is. Not about the fact that every Wednesday from here on out when you stop by the blog you can count on finding me sharing ideas that have caught my eye, are trending, or are just too good to keep to myself. They may be on point to a project I have going on around the hiz-ouse. Something 'neat' perhaps. Or a beauty that has nothing to do with anything other than my desire to share it with all of you. Clearly you are in for a treat!

I find my inspiration for organization and design ideas every-which-where. Pinterest is a great site to check out, if you haven't already, because you can find ideas for lit.er.ally. ANYthing! And you can keep it all nice and tidy right there! Honestly what is better than that? {Plug in: Follow me!} But if you are more traditional and like to be hands on, get out there and pick up the latest magazines that catch your eye. Dog ear those pages and get inspired!

I just picked these three up last week and am now definitely ready to hit the ground running with things around here. {Robert is frightened wherever he is right now...} And/or check out the blogs out there - honestly the ideas that people have. Amazing. But don't forget us little people. And if you don't have time for any of the above go for a walk. Seriously. I am a fan of multitasking. Walk around your neighbourhood or the ritzy one thats a hop skip and a jump away. Get inspired by what others are doing and just put your own spin on it.

Now, as promised, ill get to sharing.

Kerrisdale Design Inc.
I am currently obsessed with bedroom designs. A more accurate statement is 'I am currently obsessed with all design.' But, this week I have honed in on bedrooms because my girlfriend Sarah Bessie is coming to stay with us for the remainder of the summer months and I would like her to feel at home. The room she is staying in however needs some major work. So I find myself ogling gorgeous rooms such as this one for motivation. It is all about the headboard! And those pillows. And check out those nightstands. And the bench. Got to have a bench...

Big Red
And speaking of headboards - check out Big Red up there! Isn't she a beaut? I don't know if I could commit to that much colour in real life. But we are getting inspired here so I sure as heck like to dream that I could!

These two are more in my 'reality dream' world. If that can even begin to make sense to you. Loving the chair as a side table. Neat. {Both from the blog 79 Ideas.}

2 twin beds + 1side table = happening here asap
And I just absolutely had to share this darling room from My Old Country House. This setup is officially happening at my house but in a nautical/eclectic boy version. Finn's room is already painted this way and good to go. {Note to self: get our house tour done so you can actually know what the rooms around here look like.}

Are we itching to go yet? Due to motivation of course!? I certainly am. I wonder if I could squeeze in a DIY headboard before Saturday... Or scrounge up two single beds for a makeover. Ahh wishful thinking how I love thee.

Happy Inspirational Wednesday! {Honestly, some of you need to help me with these titles. Im trapped in Lameville over here.}

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