Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mirror Mirror

...on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Why our entry space of course!

Alright. That is a quite a stretch if I am being honest. Our entry has come a long way as far as function since we started. Ill give it that. But visually, it is still lacking major appeal. It needs...something. I just cant seem to find the items that will add the flair I am going for. But in the mean time I will settle for serviceable.

Recall, one more time, where we started and how far we have come...

*If you want to catch up on the steps along the way do check out any {or all} of these posts: Hodgepodge Friday, Pinch of Productivity, Buckets of Fun, Sunday Reminisce, What Not To Do, To Do, Labelling Toward a Better Tomorrow, A-Z Entry Closet.

And now for our latest addition. Small but mighty - in the welcoming department. 

I finally got around to bossing Robert into hanging that mirror I found a while back {and mentioned here}. And it actually winded up fitting like a glove. {There's Ace Ventura again...}

Welcome, Welcome
I read Storage & Display put out by Pottery Barn a while back and its section on entry spaces has really stuck with me. It pointed out the fact that your entry says oodles about your home and sets the stage for what is ahead {Clearly not a verbatim quote. Pottery Barn would never say oodles}. It went on to say a plethora of valuable things and I would highly recommend picking up a copy. But what I took away by memory where the key components that create a welcoming entryway that offers 'traditional comforts of hospitality':
  • A place for guests to sit and remove footwear {check - trunk with comfy/headache cushion and practical storage}
  • A surface to drop anything a guest or you may be carrying {Working on it...But at least the keys and odds and ends have their spot in the closet buckets}
  • A mirror to sneak a peak {!!! Enter giggle of delight here.}
  • An umbrella stand/hook {I am on the hunt - for a stand along with a classic umbrella or two}
  • Somewhere to hang your coat {Check!}
There is a lot more to be considered in an entryway than immediately meets the eye. If you ask Pottery Barn - but I would tend to agree. Just by adding a simple mirror my entryway went from a drab place where you kick off your shoes to a room that at least whispers 'welcome.' 

Hopefully with a few more treasure finds along the way that whisper will become a straight up, 'Come on in and stay a while!'

Chat soon! 


  1. Hi Allison, your entry way looks great. I'm your mom's cousin, Darlene. I noticed a link to your blog on Facebook, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your home and family! I've added your blog to my blog list!

    1. Wow Darlene, I am delighted to hear you have been enjoying the blog and will be following along! I am always tickled to find out people are actually reading.
      Thank you for the feedback on the entry. As everything in life, it is a work in progress!
      Hope to hear from you again very soon! Cheers

  2. I love how this is coming together!!

  3. Elaine MacDonald7 May 2013 at 17:05

    a perfect addition Allison and of course the little crawler adds a nice touch as well.....


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