Monday, 6 May 2013

Update Please & Thank You

Wow, we have made it back around to Monday already! Goodness me time really does fly. And fly it did this morning, taking my common-law partner away for another two weeks. Blah!

It is always a sad day when we have to say our goodbyes - especially after two full weeks of him. Talk about adding misery to a Monday morning.

But I am opting to look on the bright side. What do you say?

Since we had to drive to the airport anyway, leaving home at a dreadful 3:15am {so I'm not completely converted to the bright side}, Finn and I kept on trucking to spend the morning with his Tantie Darla and cousin Eloise. And to make things even better, his newest cousin Emerson and Aunt Suz were able to join in on the visit at the cherry on top Starbucks! What what! A grande White Mocha sure does wonders for this sleepless beauty.

So, how was everyones weekend? The weather sure was lovely around these parts. Did you do anything exciting? Any projects or productivity get done around the abode? I'd be delighted to hear.

We had a wonderful weekend ourselves. I mentioned the neighbourhood BBQ in yesterdays post when I shared our delish guacamole recipe. Is it ever nice to enjoy good food, nice weather, and great company! I am looking forward to many more relaxing summer evenings spent just the same, give or take a s'more or two.

Robert and Jenn Cheesin'
 Now, I am disappointed that no one has commented on the ridiculousness that is Roberts burly beard. After posting photos from our fishing excursion I thought for sure someone would comment. But alas, to my great sadness, no one did. So... to thoroughly embarrass him check out this amazing shot I snapped over the weekend.

Even Finley is less than impressed! Honestly, how could you not love this man!?! Tehehe

Back to my update. {I honestly had no idea how easily I can be distracted until I started writing this blog. It is all about self discovery right?!}

My jewellery order arrived from our ladies night last week! I could not have been any more excited! I did a fashion show for Robert and he was great to enthusiastically pretend delight. Ive decided men just don't get it, or at least my man doesn't. I got quite the score. Maybe you can share in my gaiety?!

Bling Bling
I am honestly set with classic pieces for pretty much EVER. This may mean I will have to trade in my slippers a time or two this summer for an upgrade. We shall see.

Jackpot Purchase
Mind the morning look - I had just woken up. But honestly, I had to share this jackpot score. I got those earrings for one single dollar! Thats $1! No word of a lie. How can you go wrong with that?! There is no way. No stinking way!

But the real highlight of the weekend is Finley's new lifejacket! {That is what happens when you have kids, everything else takes a back seat. Around here anyways.} His father and Pops ducked out for coffees and returned with the cutest little lifejacket there ever was.

Finley was not over the moon, naturally. He is only 10 months and struggling to get a couple chompers out right now. But his Pap and Pops were beside themselves. This little guy has no idea what he is in for with those two!

We did get a few projects done outdoors as well but they will have to wait for another day to avoid making this guy too lengthy. I got carried away with the odds and ends of our weekend. But do check back in because a few simplish projects can make a big difference for your curb appeal. *I say simplish because Robert helped out a lot and he isn't here to give his input on the subject. Ive been accused of being a bit bossy...I cant imagine that is true.

Well thanks for the chat! I am off to tackle some heavy duty, desperately needed cleaning around this place unless the warm weather snatches me outdoors first!



  1. It was a rugged out west look i was goin for

  2. Rob, I like the rugged look! Nice stash Al! Love the jewellery! An excuse to go out this summer! xoxo

  3. Kayaking here we come ... Finley, Mom and Gram! Rob always looks great - beard or not!
    Lots of accesories to share :)

  4. Finally some feedback on the beard! I knew the photo would do the trick.
    I am willing to share some of my stash - but I need a guarantee that I will be getting it back. Please and Thank-you.
    And gracious me, I didnt even think about Grams love of kayaking. That Finley is officially good to go!

  5. Elaine MacDonald7 May 2013 at 17:00

    Love the blog, the jewellry, the life jacket and yes Rob, the beard too....


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