Friday, 31 May 2013

Upgraded Bathroom Frames

We made it to Friday! Yippee!

Just wanted to stop by for a quick sec while all the boys are down for their nap to share a frame upgrade that I did yesterday. I seem to have a real thing for frames these days eh?

It is an easy solution that made all the difference in my mind.

So this what they looked like originally. Common-law and I bought them years back because we loved the colours in the art but I never did like the frame. The black trim just wasnt for me. I've been meaning to do something about that ever since.

*Finley helped with this project as you can see - less the spray painting of course. Ill have him doing his own projects soon enough!

Yesterday was that day. First I stripped down the back. It was quite a get-up back there.

After getting through the tape and zillion staples I was left with just the frames. They got an all over light sanding.

Then I applied numerous light coats of spray paint. The key is to do a little at a time in order to achieve an even smooth finish.

Once the final coat has dried completely go ahead and reassemble. Make sure your glass is clean! It is a lot of unnecessary work to get everything back in there and done up only to realize there are noticeable specs. Been there, done that.

Now all thats left is hanging. The fun part! For me at least. Robert, Sarah, and Finley may not have enjoyed having me boss them to move the frames back and forth, up and down before settling on a spot. All while hanging out in the bathroom. *Well, Finley didn't mind I don't think. He seemed to think it was silly!

These frames used to live on a wall in our master bedroom but they were too small for the space. So I decided to relocate them to the main floor bath. In there they are oversized and I absolutely love that look in a small space, stacked above one another. The bathroom needs more love that is for sure and these frames a great start.

The silver trim matches the chrome finishes in the bathroom. And because there is no window the reflective finish and light colours add a brightness to the space. The blues tie into my Calvin Klein splurge towels as well.

What simple DIY projects do you have on the go right now? Anything to get done right away this weekend?

If this quick facelift wasn't quite enough to motivate you to get started on your own projects, head on over to Roadkill Rescue where Beckie shares projects made from curbside finds, free stuff, hand-me-downs and recycled products to get your motor running. If you stop by tomorrow you will see my Record Stand turned Night Stand as a feature! What what!

Chat soon.

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