Monday, 9 September 2013

Work and Very Little Play

...and I'm spent! 

It feels like Friday. After the busy past few days we have had around here I am completely flip-flopped around with my days. The i-cal is saying Monday but I am stubborn and tired enough to object. 

My Mother Dearest is here. Enough said for those of you who know our family at all. She is a wonderful force to be reckoned with. She is more driven, task oriented, and bossy than I am if you can believe it - obviously I learned from the best! That being said, I made the mistake upfront when I told her I wanted to tackle a few projects during her stay. We have been go, go, go ever since.

Here is a quick sum of it: 

We had our initial render-vu at my brothers house on Thursday to help celebrate the twins {my nieces} early birthday, along with the first day of school, with cake and shopping. After two plus hours at Costco we were able to take a few moments of repos for a delicious slice of creme-brûlée cheesecake before hitting the road again for more shopping. We didn't make it back to Pictou County until after ten. Off to a good start!

Finley has been completely off of his regular sleeping regime which hasn't been helping matters. So when he woke bright and early Friday we got straight to work sanding everything in sight - or at least that is how it felt. I got a break, while Mother continued to work diligently, when Amy and the twins {the boys I babysit} stopped by for a long overdue play date. All three boys, and Moe attempted to join, played in the new sandbox for hours. A fun filled day for all. I'll tip my hat to the crockpot for helping make things run smoothly!

The next morning we were up and out the door on a yard sailing mission. *A mountain of snacks and diapers packed because I know how things work when Mother is around. Finn and I would need back up. Was I ever right! Seven hours later we walked through the front door. The car was full to the brim and I had enough projects to last a lifetime...or at least that is what I thought. We started sanding that very night. One, two, maybe even three of the items we brought home. {I'll share all our finds soon!}

All I can say is: My Mother. And she would respond with, 'Gotta' love me!'

What else did we squeeze in there? Ah yes: A visit with Meema and Pops on Sunday for the most delicious seafood casserole I have ever tasted in my life! *I'll hit her up for the recipe to share with you, have no fear. Tackling loads of laundry. Helping a cousin out by editing a lengthy business draft. Dropping my engagement ring off at the jewellers because I nearly bent it in half. Oops! Painting coat after coat on the countless things my mother attacked with the sander. Scheming up a list of new projects to tackle. Coming down with a flu bug of some kind. 

Oh, and the kicker: Rob switched jobs. Literally overnight he went from being employed by one company to another. The joys of working West I suppose. We managed to get the paperwork dealt with and all that jazz and now we are ironing out the details of the next few weeks since he will be staying out an extra week and I am due to fly to Toronto for BlogPodium. It is a good thing I like a good plan!

Is your head spinning yet? I hope your weekend was a tad more tame than ours. What did you get up to? Any projects? Any adventures? Enjoying the last signs of summer? Do tell. 

*Finley wanted to share his latest news too: 'I can eat yogurt all by myself!' 

*Mom is hoping he gets a better handle on the spoon real soon, but brother Moe is LOVING it!
Chat soon.

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  1. Why do I feel as though I dodged a bullet moving home last week? haha bullet being sanding, not Doris. I do love Doris!


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