Tuesday, 10 September 2013

It Doesn't Have to be New #2

There is quite a stockpile of 'new to me' items in my garage just waiting to be repurposed and brought back for a second chance at life. Some of them have already received a little attention actually! *Check back in again soon, and again after that, to see the transformation.

But before I get too ahead of myself with progress, I wanted to share them as is. Most came from the yard sailing extravaganza Mother Dearest, Finley, and I ventured on this past weekend, {if you don't already follow along with our adventures via a social media source do jump on that train: InstagramFacebook, or Twitter} but a few are treasures that I picked up over the past few months.

Take a look and see if you can't see the potential too! *Do feel free to ignore the mess that is our garage - again.

Two Vintage Chairs

These chairs are not a perfect match but both have character in spades. They once had caning seats but are now ready for a DIY.
Cost: $10 for the pair


Who doesn't love eclectic glassware to add to a preexisting collection? This girl does! I'm thinking the vase is a perfect size for bathroom pretties. Those creme-brûlée dishes will dress up my jewellery drawer in an instant. That sweet pitcher is a close match to some pieces I already have. And there is always room for more teacups! Always!
Cost: All Free

Never Used Mastercraft Precision Saw

I'm not exactly one hundred percent sure what this guy does, but for a brand new tool I didn't think I could go wrong. If Rob says he wont use it we will just pop it on kijiji.  Maybe even make a few pennies.
Cost: $35

Pine Shelf

Mother Dearest brought this from her house. My grandfather built it years ago - along with dozens more.
Cost: Free

Child Art and Frame

Finley seems to be fond of this framed zebra print. I picked it up with the crisp white frame in mind. We shall see who wins the decor battle.
Cost: Free

Plant Stand

Meema actually found this beauty. She offered to dispose of it or put it to the road as a free pick up for a friend and I snatched it up in a hurry. It may not look like much right now but I see ample opportunity to create beauty.
Cost: Free

Large Mirror

This mirror weighs more than me I swear. It originally came with a dresser but didn't fit in the ladies house so she sold it to moi!
Cost: $5

Mr. Camoose

There is a household debate as to whether this animal is in fact a camel or a moose. Thoughts?
Either way, Finn has no qualms snuggling him.
Cost: $1

Captains Chair

I'm in love with this chair. It may be my favourite item in the lot. One of the arms needs some attention from Robert but it should be good as new in no time. I can't wait to get to work on this makeover!
Cost: $5

Never Used Floating Shelves

These are your basic run of the mill black floating shelves, but with a coat of paint they will be just perfect...somewhere.
Cost: $3

Pillows and Linens

I have a hard time saying no to pillows, especially free ones, because they are so expensive to buy in store. Now I have a stockpile and can make my own covers. Win!
Cost: 8 Pillows = Free

The linens are all Mother's finds, but I couldn't help but share. She got three pillow shames, a bed skirt, two duvet covers, sheets, and four curtain panels! I kid you not.
Cost: $3

Old Glass Window

My Uncle Keith shared this window with me. I have a project in mind if things work out as my scheming predicts they will. Time will tell.
Cost: Free

Blinds, Light Fixture, and Water Cooler

These are a few of Mother's finds that I wanted to share because they were just too good to keep to ourselves.
Cooler Cost: $5
Blinds Cost: $2
Light Cost: $5

Wrapping Paper Bag

Last, but certainly not least for Mother, is her newest portable wrapping station - supplies included. What a great idea! Limited storage solution at it's finest.
Cost: Free

If these finds don't get you up and out the door on the hunt for a great second hand treasure then you need to swing by my house for a drink because there is something in the water! 

Chat soon.

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