Thursday, 19 September 2013

Little Red, Big Personality

Todays post is coming at you live from the Montreal-Trudeau airport, while I await my connecting flight to Toronto for the Blog Podium Extravaganza! Who's excited?

So far so good on the Finn front, in case you are wondering. No tears shed on either end as of yet. But who am I kidding? Give that kid a bowl of cheerios, warm socks, and a pile of dirt and everything will be A-okay. It is me that is the growing concern. First time away from him for more than a few hours, other than a quick overnight to Moncton with Roberto. I'm wondering if maybe four nights in TO was too big of a leap? It was either that or cold turkey for a week in Jamaica...Toronto it is!

Missing Finn and nerves aside, I am absolutely looking forward to the time away. Miss Sarah tagged along for the trip so that is automatic fun. Add four days with my long lost friend Brenna, coffee, wine, and shopping - apparently food is not a factor in the foreshadowing - and a good time is 101% guaranteed. As if that isn't enough, the cherry on top of such a fantastic weekend will be an entire day spent with fellow bloggers. I will be found in the corner soaking up every bit of information my brain can stand to process and awkwardly trying to spark conversations along the way. Wish me luck! *Actually, go ahead and send me luck via comments along the way when you follow along on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram because I will most definitely be keeping you posted. {Couldn't help the shameless plug.}

But before I get all 'I went to Blog Podium. Allow me to share a detailed play by play of every. single. moment with you.', let's take a look at a DIY we did last week that I have been to show you! In the spirit of why I am on this venture in the first place.


Mother Dearest and I were busy last week with projects up the wazoo. I know, I know. I have mentioned this before. Possibly complained about how exhausted I was along the way?! Eeek. Please do excuse the repetitiveness, and the whining, but you have yet to see the half of it. Which you will, all in good time, and be impressed to boot. Truthfully, there is now officially quantifiable evidence to claim and prove that I am a Pushy Patsy to my gracious guests. If Mother had a forum in which to share a few words I am certain she would simply say, 'Poor Robert...' 

Hey, I'll take it. Every bit of it. I will wear my scarlet B for 'bossy' with great pride. Who do you think I get it from anyhow? We, Mother and I, love nothing more than productivity- on any level. For example: garbage day. It is like the equivalent to Christmas around my house. Out with the old, in with the next project. The circle of life organization according to the Gaudett women. This is earth shattering stuff.

Now onto the project. I am sure you are all at the edge of your seats with anticipation! If not, get to shuffling because this one is a goodie.

You were actually introduced to this beauty a while back {here}, and it has been sitting in the basement ever since. Sitting and waiting. Well, no more!

We brought it up and outside with us during an afternoon of play. Perhaps we have a different definition of fun than you because as Finn and I built roads and mountains in the new sandbox, Mother Dearest sanded her little heart out. The umpteen coats of clear coating fought a valiant fight but Mother was the victor.

After covering the desk top with recycled flyers for protection, everything else received countless coats of RED spray paint. 

Hold the phone! This gal, Beige Al, painted something bright Red? If you like it, direct your admiration to Mother. If not, you can blame her too! I am typically afraid of such a bold choice, but Mother convinced me. She is a mind altering wizard. I have suspected it for some time now, but that day is proof. Her logic, that if I really didn't like it the solution is only a shake, spray, repeat away, was faultless. And seriously, where has spray paint been my whole life? It is a god send for strangely shaped items like this one. It made the transformation a cinch. 

Easy as one, two... ten coats of red spray paint and three coats of chalk board paint later! Lickety-split.

Writing that down actually sounds scarier than it was. Believe me, it was cake. The spray paint was fast drying so it only had to set for all of ten minutes. The chalkboard paint came after the red was completely finished, and it was just a matter of one careful cut-in and two reapplications. That is the joy that comes built in with paint: apply intermittently between other projects or house chores. Multitasking at its very best!

The desk itself has mastered multitasking as well. Ahh function... how I love thee.

Beneath the seat is a dandy storage area. Once upon a time, long long ago, it was used to store text books and looseleaf by countless ambitious young students. Today it is the perfect spot for tidy plastic bins filled with crayons, markers, craft supplies, and colour-yourself puzzle pieces. Sadly, I anticipate it won't stay neat for long as Mr. Finn stuffs it full of colouring books, workbooks, and {finished} homework.

The chalkboard surface is my favourite part! That should go without saying really, because I am obsessed with the stuff! It can transform an.y.thing. from ordinary to extra special. More magic. 

This project is no different. The desk top itself goes from being a simple work surface to functional work space. Hot-Dawg!!

Am I right? Or am I right? And not so humble...

For now, the desk top is the perfect spot for Finn to crawl up and play with his latest discovery - chalk. But it will grow with him. Down the road it will be a great surface to practice numbers, letters, and math equations. Until then, I am positive the cousins will make good use of it!

In the midst of the paint drying on this and several other projects, Mother assisted me in rearranging the basement den/TV room. With new plans taking shape, this little red is the first step in taking that area from drab to dreamy. Just you wait! 

Chat soon friends.

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