Thursday, 5 September 2013

There Was Once A Wee Chair

... trapped all by its lonesome in the basement with no one to love it. The end.

Not! What a terrible story that would be. Gosh, what do you take me for? No, the story does not end there but yes, that is how todays tale begins.

There was once a wee chair trapped by its lonesome - if you recall it was a {free} score from my sweet cousin Stephanie which I told you all about here. Said chair did go unloved for quite some time. Which is in fact a very sad truth. But as of today it has found a temporary new home in our garage while it undergoes a little construction. 'Wee' chair is in the process of transforming into 'Time Out' chair for Finley's misbehaving bum. 

Check out the steps we have taken thus far: *And note the embarrassing reason why we came to a stand still. {Blush}

First things first, this little guy needed some serious sanding. That clear coat is no joke. 

At first I just did a quick job of it which only angered the beast. The clear coating started to peel and lift in layers. It was a hot mess! But after what felt like hours of sanding, which was likely twenty odd minutes, it all lifted and we were left with the good stuff.

Enter my next nemesis: The Rubber Gripper. 

Only to be followed by his pal The Rusty Nail.

I am not exaggerating when I say these little buggers were nearly the cause for temporary insanity! It actually took me over an hour to get them out of there. But with the help of a hammer, needle-nose pliers, and some sort of cutting device discovered in Robert's toolbox I came out the victor!

*And though I may not feel fully justified in my efforts today, it will come down the road. No one wants rusted nails and metal scratching the floors.

With the nitty-gritty out of the way we are down to the good stuff. 

So here is my thought process {be afraid}: Clearly, I want to paint the chair. Paint is my go-to. I'm thinking it will be perfect as a spot for Finley's fast approaching need for time outs. *My brothers family had a purchased one and it was way too cute and functional. But I also want to be able to use it for other tasks as they present themselves {hello helpful step stool} so let's avoid any crazy in-your-face boy style. It is going to be in my kitchen area after all.

Enter the above cursive foam stickers. They call it as it is but in a subtle way. Right? And when it is all said and done they will preserve a bit of the history the chair holds. Just you wait and see...

Now let's add a little metallic spray to the mix why don't we? 

Oh my gracious I must be off my rocker today. *Maybe those rubber grips did get the best of me after all?! Metallics are not typically my thing but when I was going through my supplies the can caught my eye and before I knew it everything was taped up and getting a solid coat of silver!

Even the back got a little frosting! On the front lawn I might add. 

What? You mean it isn't all the rage to spray paint miniature furniture pieces on the front lawn? Few. News to me!

Could that picture be any cuter? My kid and his dirty finger nails!

But seriously, it actually turned out! I was tickled with delight. Once the designated silver areas dried, after receiving three coats of spray paint, I pulled the stickers back to reveal a peak at the original wood grain. It is just enough to make the chair special.

Are we all on the same page thinking this is too cool for school? Or is it borderline tacky with the metallic? I can't tell just yet. Shall we wait until the rest is painted before drawing any conclusions? Done deal.

And why, you might ask is the rest not done? For a complete reveal and all. Your logic makes sense. It is a small chair. Shouldn't take too long to paint. Well I will tell you if you'd quit badgering me! :) But it is quite an embarrassing truth for a DIYer such as I... Our paint brushes are MIA. There is not a single paint brush to be found in our entire home. This is no word of a lie. Not even a sponge brush. Notta. So we are at a standstill the chair and I.

Check back soon {and by soon I most definitely mean tomorrow} for the final product.

Until then!

...Tell your friends all about Slippers by Day of course! 


  1. This is TOO cute! Can't wait to see it complete :)

  2. Love those little fingers! I can't wait to see the rest of it! It looks great!


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