Friday, 13 September 2013

A Splash of Paint

...goes a long way. Feel free to write that little diddy down, those are words to live by.

So, we are painting - again! Is anyone surprised? 

This time is different. It is not a piece of furniture - no sir-ree-bob. Today it is the upstairs bathroom! All I can say is that it was due time.

Do you see what I mean? 

If you take a stroll through our home {a virtual tour is available here} you will find that one of the rooms is not like the others. Hello lime green upstairs bath! And let me tell you, these pictures don't quite do it justice.

Allow me a chance to explain. 

When we were selecting paint for the house, I wanted warmth without in-your-face colour. We went with a pallet of neutral greens and beige/browns. BUT, enter the lime, I equally wanted to be the cool aunt with a hip space dedicated to the kids for when they came to visit. So I found this uber cute shower curtain with different colour owls and chose a colour from that pallet to paint the bathroom walls. I'll admit, it was fun while it lasted. The kids thought it was ggggreat - the brighter the better. But since Finn came along, and spending time in there is a daily occurrence, the wall colour just had to go. 

And go it shall.

From green

We had enough leftover paint from the main floor area, which also runs up the staircase and on to the landing, to do the small bath. The colour is one of my favourites because depending on the lighting and time of day it can look green, beige, light or dark grey. And for a gal who likes to change things on a regular basis, that is as good as gold. Why mess with a good thing?

It is hard to tell what it will read when it is all said and done, but I am optimistic.

What do you think? Questions? Concerns? Anxieties?

Check back soon for the finished product.

Until then, happy weekending!

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