Monday, 16 September 2013

One Job Down

... An endless list left to go. 

But first things first: Things have been productive since we last spoke. We finished the painting in the upstairs bath - 'We' referring to mother Mother Dearest doing the actual painting and me wrangling the child. The difference is remarkable.

A coat of paint really can do wonders, eh?

This colour {I'll enter the name here when I find it} is one of my all-time favs. Like I said on Friday, it looks different in the changing light throughout the day - green, beige, or grey - but always remains a colour I love. It is the perfect solution for my constant desire to change things because painting the entire house every six months would be a tad extreme. Just a tad though.

At night, with the vanity and ceiling lights, it favours a grey.

{The above photos were from Friday night, after the final coat. Mother Dearest was diligent.}

During the day, depending on the time, the colour reads from a light olive green through to a deep grey. No matter what colour I am seeing, it is all round an improvement from the lime.

Our kids bath is officially all grown up. Well, at least for today. Until Finn and I get inspired to make a few changes. {If I include Finn in the scheming, Rob will be less inclined to ask questions. See how that works.}

Since completing the bath project, Finley and I have packed up shop and travelled to the other end of the province to return the favour and help Gram with her list for a few days. Then I will be relinquishing control, somewhat against my will, and leaving Finn with Mother Dearest for a few nights while I head out to Toronto for BlogPodium! This is a huge, wildly uncomfortable, step for me. Fingers crossed I make it.

I've been photo-documenting our projects along the way and will fill you in on all the details at some point - this week perhaps, or more likely next. Mother Dearest has been a bit more gracious than me at allotting time off - I've been accused of being demanding for some odd reason - so we have managed to do some socializing intermittently. If you don't follow along via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you most certainly should start. But have no fear, I will also be sharing a few photo's, or more accurately to say an obsessive number, of Finn's adventures.

I can't help but share a couple today. He is so darn cute I can't stand myself.

This kid. *Missing you Pap and Moe.

Chat soon.


  1. Miss yas too .. Be home soon .. We will play in the dirt buddy

  2. Finn is just so sweet! Love the laughing photos :)


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