Thursday, 12 September 2013

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Don't tell Robert, but I love our house. Keep that on the DL.

Forever and a day I have ooed and awed over older homes with character and hidden beauty just waiting to be uncovered, but Robert insisted on building new. I get it. After two years living here I am beginning to understand. There is a sense of security building new - as misguided as that might be - and it is comforting. 

There is however a down side, because lets be honest, there always is. Beyond the lack of vintage flair and hidden nooks and crannies found in an older home {I'm not giving up that easy},  a new home is also quite a process to fill. I'm not talking furniture per say; which is in and of itself quite a feat. I'm referring to the things you don't 'see' at first glance: blinds in every window {16 in this house}, doors {if you notice ours are slightly different then the 'norm' and add just a slightly different feel to each space}, light fixtures throughout, and so on and so forth. That all takes time and moolah. 

Those spaces we ogle on Pinterest and immediately add to our boards are made up of layers to reach that gorgeous final product. A stunning chair can only do so much in a room. It is a compilation of all the details along the way that make the overall difference. Few. That was a bit of a round about rant. Back to the point. 

The background items take time to collect in a new home - or at least they have for us - and I am happy to say we are FINALLY making some progress. Our master bath is no longer a sad excuse for a room. Well that is a touch extreme, but it is on it's way to serving its purpose.

This is what it has looked like since we moved in. Blah, I know! Something key, say like a vanity mirror, is MIA. 

Enter my jackpot yard sailing find from the weekend. This mirror, though very plain, is the perfect start to get that bathroom in tip top shape. And honestly, for five dollars, how could you go wrong?

Of course it needed a splash of paint - that is just how I roll. 

Actually, the original colour wouldn't have looked bad, but it had a few bumps and bruises so we just gave it a once, twice, three times over.

Then all that was left to do was hang that heavy sucker. 

Because of the extra weight, we needed to hit the studs for full support. Of course they didn't line up with the pre attached hooks, so we added one to the centre. Three screws later and we were in business. 

Where have you been all my life? 

Seriously. I can not believe I went two years without a proper mirror in there. It actually makes the room feel bigger. Magic.

Not to mention I can finally see myself. The good. The bad. And the UGLY! Why hasn't anyone said anything this whole time? Letting me run around town looking like a frazzled mess. Not cute.

But as always, there is another side to every coin. I may frighten myself when I peer into our new addition, but there is lots of beauty to be found as well. Look at the sweet moment I captured already.

Nice bum, where are you from Finn?

It is all about finding the simple joys in life after all.

Chat soon.

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  1. Love the finished product, mirror looks great...and what a sweet little bum......


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