Monday, 3 June 2013

This, That & Talent

Good Monday all. How was everyones weekend? Good? Great? Fantastic? Tell me about it.

Ours was somewhere in there. Robert left early Friday morning to start his first ever eighteen day rotation. Boo. But Finley, Moe, and I were busy with the twins visit so we didn't have too much time to miss him. But Saturday was whistling a different tune. It is officially heart wrenching to go from seeing your love every day, all day, for twoish weeks and then seeing neither hide nor hair for eighteen to follow. An official thumbs down.

But on the positive side of things - my new solution to everything these days. Robert had a safe trip and has had busy work days which makes the time away pass by faster for him. We have had a few sun shining days to bask in the rays. Got to love that! Finley and I took in the neighbourhood yard sales and got a few great finds: toys, stuffies, and books for each of us {see mine here}. I thoroughly enjoyed some me time whilst doing a puzzle, consuming various pieces of carrot cake washed down with coffee, and gabbing with Sarah Bessie. Are you jealous of our exciting night lives yet?

And Sunday we spent a lovely morning driving to Halifax with Meema and Pops to pick up a purchase I made for an upcoming surprise project that I will share with you in the near future. Hint: it was inspired from last Wednesdays post and is rather impressive if I do say so myself! The mini trip included a stop at my brother Josh's for the item(s), a visit with the girls and their new pet bunny Basil {adorable right?}, followed by an ever exciting stop at Cosco and lunch snack at Quiznos. Delish. Then home again, home again, jiggity jig for a bbq get together with great neighbour friends Jenn and Greg. Delight. {Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get updates sooner.}

Meanwhile, in amongst all those goings-on, my baby boy took his fist solo steps!! I know! I know! This little man who just yesterday was hiccupping in my belly is now standing on his own, taking steps all by himself, and climbing up the steps. What is tomorrow going to bring? College? Honestly Mr. Time, you need to pump.the.breaks!

What do you say about that weekend? Good? Great? Fantastic? And wait. Before you decide, let me share one last thing.

Garry, one of my extremely talented brothers, did three sketches of Mr. Finley for me to display in my home! I am pumped, to say the least, to find the perfect spot to display these beauties, perhaps even this afternoon, because they are Great? No, definitely, Fan.freaking.tastic! Here is a sneak peak at one.

I know you are impressed with his skills! But go ahead and leave a darling comment so that he can feel the love! *And I can know for sure someone out there is reading along.

And do stop back real soon because I will most certainly be sharing the other two sketches and their new spot in our home. Time for me to get to work!

Chat soon!


  1. Can't wait to see you take your steps Finn, you will be running before you know it.
    Gary your work is awesome!!

    1. Running down to the wharf to visit Pops before we know it!
      Thanks for the feedback for Garry! It is always nice to receive comments.

  2. The sketch is fantastic. Nice hearing about your weekend and that you had a BBQ with Greg and Jenn. Can't wait to see the "surprise project" and I also can't wait to see what you decide for the books - I know it will something great! Kudos to Finn on his first steps - he'll be cruising in no time and your Friday's will be that much busier ;). Angie

    1. So nice to hear from you Angie! I love that you keep up with us via this blog.
      Do keep an eye out for our latest project! But as far as the books go, I have no ideas yet. If you do, feel free to share! Or if you feel like you may want to borrow one or two or thirty!
      And you are not kidding one little bit about the Fridays. I will be down and out by Finns bed time!
      Hope your weekend was a good one!

  3. Yay for Finn! So close!!
    Garry's work is wonderful... One talented man!

  4. Wonderful blog!


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