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DIY Fabric Covered Headboard

Hello. Good Day.

Welcome back for the second part of this weeks DIY posts on how to build and cover a bed frame in fabric. If you missed the first installation make sure you check it out here!

Now, if you are all caught up, let's walk through the final steps to complete the bed - headboard here we come.

Our supplies list includes:
{The amount of each will vary based on the measurements you chose}
  • 1 x 1 1/2" Pine Wood
  • 1/4" Hard Board
  • Skill Saw
  • Wood Glue
  • Small Finish Nails and Hammer
  • Screws and Driver
  • Batten
  • Fabric {The Pretty selection to be seen as well as a backing to hide the staples and protect your walls for behind.}
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Staples and Stapler

1. First things first, double check your measurements. At this point we already have the frame itself cut and ready to go so the headboard needs to fit within to be attached. *Our measurements took into account the inner width between the two side rails, the width between the exterior of the side rails, and the height we wanted for the headboard itself.

2. Now go ahead and build the wooden frame. We wanted to avoid ours weighing a trillion pounds so went with 1 x 1 1/2 pieces of pine wood. Robert built a rectangular framing and secured it with two boards running horizontally within. This framing was the perfect width to fit down between the side rails for secure attachment {that first measurement mentioned in step one}. He then added two shorter boards, one on either side of the rectangular frame, to run the length of the edge and meet the top of the side rails. This step makes the headboard run flush with the rails for a seamless look {Second measurement above}.

3. Once the pine frame has been assembled, lay it on the 1/4' hard board. Trace and cut to size with the skill saw.

4. Once the hard board is cut to size it is time to attach it to the headboard frame. First adhere it with a wood glue. Then secure it with the nails.

Headboard frame complete.

"We have now reached the point in this segment where the the plain frame becomes a work of art with pretty fabrics and..." But seriously, now it is the fun part for me.

5. Transport the frame to a clean table or floor space.

6. Spray the adhesive to the front of the headboard frame and your pre-cut batten. Lay the headboard on the batten and allow to sit for a few minutes. *Make sure when cutting your batten that you allow for overlap.

7. Once the spray adhesive has bonded, place your ironed and pre-cut fabric beneath the batten and frame.

8. If your fabric has a linear pattern ensure it is adjusted straight. Once you are pleased with its placement pull batten and fabric tight and staple into place. *This is much easier with two people: one doing the pulling and checking that the pattern is in line while the other does the stapling. We started by pulling and stapling from side to side just below the top corners, went a few down on either side, then returned to the top centre and worked our way out.

9. Repeat step 8. until you come to a corner. Fold the corners in and pull tight. Staple into place and continue with step 8.

10. Once the headboard is covered with fabric it is time to attach it to the side rails. Pre-drill holes from the inside of the base of the frame through to the inner back end of the side rails. You may have to slice small slits in the fabric for the screws to pass. Then screw the frame into place.
*Robert did this step while I was attending to Finley's demands so I missed photographing until it was complete. So sorry.

11. Once the headboard is securely attached, you can finish up by covering the back of the headboard frame with a plain thick fabric. This will protect your walls from scratching and cover up the ugly. I bought this piece at the fabric store but you could certainly use any leftovers you might already have on hand. Cut and staple into place.

And that is all she wrote. You now have yourself a beautiful fabric covered bed frame! I can guarantee, if you are anything like me, at this point you will feel like you could take over the world! Muahahaha...

Now lets talk moolah. I have done a little online shopping to check out what something like this would cost pre-made and the prices where ghastly. So a better idea might be to review what we spent. So we can all keep our cool here.
  1. $100 for Building Materials: All of the wood - for headboard, rails, legs, and cross sections - and 1/4 Hard Board {We already had the tools, glue, spray adhesive, nails and screws on hand}
  2. $15 for Batten
  3. $48 for Car Fabric {We got it when on a slight sale. But got extra just incase we made a boo-boo}
  4. $3.50 for Plain Fabric {Covering the back of the headboard}
  5. $3.50 for Fabric Ribbon {Used to reinforce and prevent fraying along the top of the rails}
For a total cost of $170 and the sacrifice of a few pulled hairs we made a custom twin bed frame and headboard that is safe, kid friendly, and one of a kind. Also, because we kept the long term in mind while choosing the fabric, it should be age appropriate for many years to come.

What do you think about the outcome? Maybe something you may endeavour to try yourself? Perhaps you have already and you have advice to share. I would love to hear from you! Or maybe you have questions, concerns, anxieties...Ask or share away!

Chat soon.

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  1. Definitely a job well done, bed looks great.

  2. Very nicely done! thank you for sharing at Hickory Trail!

  3. This is fantastic! I found you via Hickory Trail and I'll be your newest follower! Come visit my blog when you get a chance!

    Krissy @

    1. Im delighted Krissy! Ill be over to check out your site shortly!

  4. Looks great! Love fabric covered headboards! Thanks for linking up at Give Me the Goods Monday! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof


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