Thursday, 6 June 2013

Invitations All Around

My wee baby boy will be a year old this month! Can you believe it? Where does the time go?

It was just yesterday that Rob and I found out we were going to be having a second son. {Thank heavens this one had less hair! Actually, a whole heck of a lot less.} Wasn't I just wearing Roberts t-shirts because nothing else fit? {That sadly is still the case...they find their way back in my drawer.} And the labour...that is a vivid image! The sleepless nights. The first giggles. The hand holding and singing to sleep. Gracious, it seems to me that my yesterday was absolutely exhausting!

I know this is my second lamenting session this week but give me a break please. My son is giving me a run for my money. Not only did he take his first and second steps {mentioned here}. But he also decided he was done nursing. Just like that! I had gotten him down to once in the morning and just before bed in the evenings but come this past Sunday he wanted nothing to do with me. Instead of nursing he bit me! Twice. So that was that. He is growing up too fast. And getting bossy - like his father!

So while all that was running through my mind, it occurred to me that I needed to get a jump start on the preparations for his upcoming birthday celebration. {That conclusion being reached after a debate with Robert about wether or not we could cancel his birthday and keep him this way forever. I lost.} And before making any big festive plans I thought it wise to see if we would have any guests. Im clever arnt I?! Sometimes I amaze myself.

So I put this cobweb-filled brain of mine to work and came up with an inexpensive invite to share with our family and friends. It looks like a-so:

I am delighted with the way it turned out! A simple yet colourful invite that clearly depicts the Finley we know and love today - that mischievous smile, bright blueberry eyes, and a piece of history with Granddad Garry's dinky truck.

We did a little photo shoot to get the ball rolling. He was already playing with his cars, they are his fav, so I just offered up the bin as an option to throw them in. Success! I snapped a few shots. And before long he wanted in with his toy friends. A few more shots and this one ended up in the mix:

I did a few touch ups and added the blurb with lightroom then scooted off to the Walmart printing department. *I often imagine Finn picking up on silly saying we repeat and 'hey-oh' is one that always makes me chuckle inside. An hour and $2.50 later I was settled at the kitchen table with my pictures, scissors, and craft supplies - Finn and his car friends at my feet.

My measurements were based off of a store bought card because I wanted to use its envelope. *After the fact I thought I could have cut slits in the four corners, inserted the picture, and ta-da invitation complete. Alas, too late for this project. I started out by cutting everything to size and rounding the corners with a scrapbooking punch - blue, white, orange, and the picture itself. Sarah helped out by writing the party information on the back of each card while I finished up the cutting. Then the card was assembled one layer at a time - the orange catch phrase last. Finally all that was left was stuffing the envelopes and addressing our guests.

This invitation could have been taken to another level of sophistication by typing the written parts on the computer, including an RSVP card, coordinating the colour scheme with the envelope, or adding graphing prints. Do share if you give any of the above a try! I just wanted to keep things low key and personal for this time around. Apparently, since I can't control Mr. Time, Ill have many more birthdays to go overboard. Better to do so when he can enjoy it too!

Do you usually DIY your event invites? Or do you prefer custom orders? Any recommendations? For either the invitations or mothering departments.

Chat soon.


  1. These are so sweet! And I love the picture you chose!

    1. Thanks Leanne!
      He is quite into the photo opps!

  2. Meema and Pops6 June 2013 at 17:10

    Love the invite .....just sweet. Thanks.


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