Wednesday, 19 June 2013

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This time of year, when my bulky sweaters and lined pants get pushed to the back of the dresser drawers, I always get that urge to purge and reorganize the closets.

Anyone else get the urge to purge? If so, go ahead and say that ten times fast. Aloud. And...Go! Are you getting stares from strangers? Or maybe the household pet. Either way it's nice to get the day started with a good tongue twister followed by a laugh at yourself. Finley got a kick out of my enthusiastic yet failed attempt(s). {*Note: Not to be confused with the urge to herbal! What a catchy jingle that was...}

And since it is Wednesday, I thought I would share a few extra clever closet organization solutions that have been inspiring me and may get you itching to give your own a spruce-up. If however, you're still itchy after the work is said and done it is most likely that you forgot to remove the wool sweater you tried on while purging. My fashion advice - always keep wool. It is a classic choice. But what do I know? I have been not-so-subtly told already this week that my outfit choices are questionable. And here, all along, I thought I made sweat pants look good. Who knew?

Perhaps a closet makeover is the first step to a wardrobe makeover... Seems logical enough to me. And if that is in fact the case, these closet beauties are just what the personal stylist ordered.


This is my kind of closet! Not too many bells and whistles, though they have their place even in a closet, optimizing on every single square inch of storage space. From floor to ceiling, this small space takes into account everything needed to be incorporated and does the job effortlessly. Im especially loving the light-weight cream coloured bins on the top shelf for seasonal items and the perfectly fitted baskets to hide away the intimates.


A clear example of when the bells and whistles are just right! This closet, with its robin's egg blue built-in's and trim work, is a welcoming surprise in a typically neglected space in ones home {Our Pantry being another good example}. The wall papering, drawer pulls, and pops of pink pretties are details that bring the space alive. I for one would be delighted to store my outfits in there. Wool included!


A man's sanctuary indeed.
The mix of dark and light shelving adds an allure to the space. Along with the dark grey on the walls. But what drew me to this closet was its layout. It reminds me of a standard walk-in you would see in many apartments or new-builds but elevated. The tight space is maximized by adding shelving and hang-bars all along both sides and linking up with a built-in shelving unit at the end. Switching up the height of the shelves is pleasing to the eye and opens up the space while providing practical storage solutions.


A multitasking space at its best. This smallish, child-friendly closet is pulling double duty as both clothing and toy storage. The labelled transparent bins are ideal for the kiddos so they can see and use what they have, toys and clothes alike, and keep up your tidy standards. *Consider adjustable shelving, especially in kid or flex spaces, so the organization can easily adapt to ever changing demands.


Simple, yet more than satisfying. This closet space is as basic as basic gets. One shelf. One hang bar. But with the map wall decal and the splash of colour in the burrows this closet is functional as well as beautiful. And the extra-large totes are an easy way to store upcoming sizes: when the current wardrobe begins getting snug it is a quick job to switch in the next round.


But most of the time two is better than one. Two ice cream cones. Two dollars. Two shelves.
Avoid wasted space by doing two shelves, one above the other, to maximize prime storage real-estate. Seasonal items or larger sizes can go on the highest shelf. And the day to day bins easily accessible on the lower. {We did just that in our entryway closet and my world is a better place as a result.} And those bright open plastic bins with handles are a great alternative to the extra-large totes {if bulky isnt your style}.


And I am in love...
If you are an accessory gal, or even if you are not, this is an idea for you to tuck away for a rainy day, sunny day, ambitious day, or to-day. A hang bar dedicated solely to necklaces is genius. No more tangles {*Yet again, not to be confused as a time for an urge to herbal}. You get to see everything your collection has to offer all at once. And it is instant decor. Add those open cubbies to house purses, gloves, and other pretties and you are guaranteed to get better use out of all your accessories. In sight, in mind, in hand {/around neck/incorporated}.


This beauty is a perfect solution for any size and proportioned closet. I almost always, like 97% of the time, prefer built-in options but this closet unit is an appealing choice. It opens up the wall and draws the eyes to the clothing versus the unit itself. And can be adjusted along the way to accommodate many new additions.

For more closet organization solutions swing by

Happy Organizing!

Chat soon.

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