Thursday, 27 June 2013

Birthday Celebration Details

I know. I know... I owe you an apology for having been MIA over the past week. Guilty. It has been noted and I will put my bestest effort forth from here on out not to leave you out of the loop for so long again. 

My excuse? There is just not enough time in the day! 

You must be thinking I am not the sharpest tool in the shed if that is my great revelation of the month. But hear me out. Im not as dense as that statement may make me seem. 

From time to time I tend to enter a Superwoman mode. Tell me you have never done the same! The daily to-do list gets out of control. Add your social commitments, errands, and cleaning. Then tack on exhaustion {common-law had been gone for over two weeks}. And you are left with literally nothing left to give. Instead of throwing in the towel you truck on. But Superwoman is fading, soon to be no more. That was me. Is me.

Which is why I took a little sabbatical. Some down time to myself. And let me tell you, it comes highly recommended. Even if it is just a few minutes to yourself each day - reading a magazine, taking the time to shave your legs in the shower, or ducking out to weed the garden. Whatever it is the relaxes you. I assure you even the shortest of time will be rejuvenating. Exactly what I needed in order to pull myself and Finley's first birthday celebration together.

We didn't go overboard. He is only one of course. But I did make the effort to add a few special touches to make the day memorable - even if it is just via photograph for the birthday boy.

Our door has gone unadorned all season long. Sad but true. But for this special event we wanted to make our guests feel welcome. We did so by creating a simple DIY clothesline 'welcome' sign.

Seven burlap triangles, twine, clothespins, and hand cut letters were all it took to enhance the door and give it a cheerful hello.

To keep a constant theme throughout, we made the 'Happy Birthday' sign in the same style. But in loo of the burlap we went with colourful flag style paper. It was hung above the sliding glass door leading out to the deck because that was the highest traffic area.

As far as drinks go, we did a simple grab and go style. An ice filled tub held pop, juice packs, and ice smoothies - labelled for their intended audience.

The table decor was minimal. A white table cloth set the stage. And three 12x12 fabric squares, left over from previous projects, were used to add a pop of colour with a masculine edge.

White and brown trays and bowls were used so they blended in to the table and let the food speak for itself. *The first course of snacks were scooped up before I thought to snap a photo to share with you.

And to avoid a major clean up at the end of the day, we picked up inexpensive paper plates and cups to go with the colour scheme. 

To keep things simple BBQ was on the menu - chicken kabobs, hamburgers, hotdogs, and sausages. As sides there were two salad options, fruit and veggie trays, a delicious seafood dip {tis the season}, chips, and homemade guacamole {find that recipe here}. For desert there was an option of carrot cake or strawberry shortcakes.

There were three young boys with birthdays close together, so we put all three on the carrot cake. Finley's cousin Jevon, on the left, has the very same birthday as him! And our neighbour Rowan is just a few days after. They were delighted to be included.

But not to be out shined on his day of celebration, Finley had his own little cake all to himself. I took the easy route by decorating with a dinkie car - his favourite toy.

He wasn't sure at first what he should do with a treat that size...

...but it didn't take him long to figure it out! He was one happy guy.

Of course the boy was spoiled. And all our friends and family got him sweet gifts that will be used and loved. But a highlight was the crab sandbox that my brother Josh and his family gave. They were the first guests to arrive so everyone got to play and enjoy it for the duration of the party. Trips through the sprinkler and kiddie pool were perfect after a play in the sand!

 Finley didn't quite understand the concept of washing off... But he was happy as a clam none the less!

And when it was all said and done - everyone was pooped, kids and parents alike - treat bags of candy, toys, and stickers were sent home with each young guest. Simple tags helped identify who's was who's because the contents varied based on age and gender {The girls got skip ropes, candy necklaces, and princess stickers for example. And the big boys got big league chew and nerds. While the wee baby got a sand toy.} And Finley signed each personally the only way he knows how - a paint dipped hand print!

Though the rain didn't hold off long enough for us to enjoy the planned bomb fire and smores, the day was just perfect. A mix of water, sand, laughter, and good food is always a recipe for success!

And what about you? Any up and coming summer events you have planned? What special details will you be incorporating? Dish!

Chat soon.

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