Saturday, 8 June 2013

Gangs All Here, Ma!

We made it to through to the weekend! Few. That's a relief. It was questionable there at one point whether or not I would make it through with my mind intact. *As far as I can tell I succeeded but you can be the ultimate judge. We've been busy. Due in part to Finley's life choices and developments - check out my lamenting here. But the rest can be attributed to the fact that Mr. Finn and I are taking a mini vacay at my mothers for a few days.

It has always amazed me how much work it actually is to go on vacation. And since adding a babe to the mix it is nearly not worth the trip. Trying to get everything done in advance so the world can continue rotating in my absence {ha}. Cleaning the house from top to bottom so it is welcoming upon our return. Then there is the packing. I can guarantee you something crucial has been forgotten - it is always the way! But hopefully, if I play my cards right, this weekend will be great fun and at least a tad relaxing.

The main attraction for this mornings four hour drive in a torrential downpour is my dear mothers retirement brunch. Well worth the province wide jaunt! After thirty two years in the education system as both teacher and administrator, my principal at one point, she is calling it quits! I can't think of anyone more deserving of appreciation for years of dedicated work. And to help her celebrate, all four of us kids and our clans are getting together for the occasion. The gangs all here Ma! Which sadly has become somewhat of a rarity these days with kids, schedules, work...just life I guess. So, it should be a hoot. There is talk of hitting the beach weather permitting. Maybe some clamming. Definitely some Frenchie shopping {a used clothes chain}. And Ill try to weasel some ice cream in there somewhere. Ill snap a few shots along the way to share with you upon my return {Or follow along via Instagram}.

Here is a glimpse right now! And this is just some of the gang!

No need to fret, Ill still be putting up posts to help you catch up with a few completed projects back at home. But incase you have any free time between now and our next visit, and are all caught up on past posts right here, I would highly recommend taking a stroll to visit Gina over at The Shabby Creek Cottage. She hosted a Summer Tour of Homes this past week and it would be a real shame if you missed it. Twenty five stunning homes opened their doors and welcomed the world in for complete walk throughs. If they don't get you in the mood to decorate or demolish I don't know what will!

Enjoy! We will chat soon.

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