Friday, 28 June 2013

Cleaning Out the Closets...

I have entered organization mode! A lovely change from my late project driven self. But who is to say where this new direction may lead - perhaps right back to where we started. But in the mean time, I can guarantee we are headed into a storm before any forecast of calm. 

A few weeks back I shared inspirational, delightfully organized and eye catching closet spaces {which you can catch up on here} just because. Who doesn't love to admire someone else's tidy handy work? So this a.m. when I woke motivated to pull a messy space, or two, into shape my mind automatically turned to the closets. 

Finley's is the first on the list, and has been for some time, because he is growing like a weed and I am behind on switching out his clothes.

This is what we are working with {today}:

It could be better, but it could certainly be worse. The space is tidy but not overly functional. The basic one shelf with hang-bar just doesn't do the trick. So we will see what we can do about that. But in the mean time, there is lots to be done.

*This is a previous approach to the closet. That dresser fits like a glove in there. But it is too pretty to tuck away out of site so it is currently out for all to see.

I purchased these AWESOME extra large rubber.ish. bins from the fan-stinkin-tastic Supertore. And can I just say, I am over the moon in love with their stuff! I honestly have to stop getting my groceries there or Robert will be divorcing me before the thought of marriage even enters his mind.

Now back to the bins. These are lightweight and the handles are sturdy. The size is perfect for what I have in mind, organizing the stock pile of clothes I have for our kid, but would also be ideal for toy storage or craft supplies. And they come in several vibrant colours as well. Now for the best part - they are regular $12 each {there is a smaller size that costs a bit less} but I got them for 40%! Officially tickled pink!

Can you tell I am excited about this venture? Honestly, I should be getting a cut for promoting the Superstore! Better yet, free stuff! Oh how I like the thought of that...

And this reality brings my reverie into check. This is the spare room closet {high on the organization list of to-do's}. Blah! It is the home to the totes worth of kids clothes I alluded to above. My brother kindly passed on his children's outgrown clothing and over seven  years I now have quite the stock pile.

Some of them are girl clothes which may have to be passed on from our household without having gotten any use. But either way, something has to be done to get these bins out of this prime real-estate in my home.

 Though in my defence, they are already organized and labelled by gender and size.

So that is as far as I have made it thus far.

  1. I'm motivated.
  2. The closet is emptied.
  3. Clothes are being sorted: Too small = out. Next size up = in.

I recommend doing the sorting part of this process while the kiddos are away. Or that storm may enter a danger zone. But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

I'll keep you posted on our progress. Why don't you tell me what you have been up to as far as organization? Any suggestions for the closet from those of you who have gone through this process before or known of someone else who has?

Chat soon.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished results....

  2. How did you get the green dresser in the closet? My husband and I were just trying to get one in the closet of our soon to be nurseryand just ccouldn't get it in. It technically should fit but we just couldn't maneuver it right. Any tips?

  3. Hmm... Good question Jacki. Honestly, I am trying to think back to the day I weaselled that dresser in there. Im quite sure I managed to do it while Robert was at work so it couldn't have been too tedious. {Maybe yours is bigger in ratio to the size of your closet than mine?}

    The only image that comes to mind is this: Most likely I would have come at the the closet on an angle and forced one end of the dresser - lets say right for the sake of it - as far into the closet as possible without scratching the baseboards. Then as I straightened the body of the dresser I would have simultaneously continued to push that same right end in any bit more that it would go. Fingers crossed that would leave enough wiggle room on the other end for the left end of the dresser to squeeze through the doorway.

    Im not sure if that is helpful at all. I hope so very much that you are able to get it in if that is your ideal design/organization scheme! Send along some pictures when it is all said and done. *Or any candids along the way that might make us smile! :)



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