Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Reminisce


Sundays just seem to have that affect on me - mind and body just enter an automatic 'relax mode' of sorts. Funny as it is because my life doesn't really operate on the standard weekly calendar schedule. It is not as if Sunday offers anything different than my Monday through Saturday. But alas, here I am with my lukewarm mug of coffee {Does anyone make it through a coffee without having to reheat a handful of times?} gazing out a fingerprint smudged window, which is offering up the view of grey skies and lightly falling mist, just feeling...happy. 

My week had started on the right foot with projects and productivity amuck. What better way, really? Well, I shall tell you. The only thing that warms this gals heart more than projects and pretties, is quality family time! My middle brother, Joshua, and his wife took a well needed work-vacation and I had the opportunity to keep their four rambunctious kiddos {a total of five when adding my peanut to the mix} for a few nights. Giggles, creative tales, many a hug and kiss is the equivalent to pure joy for this Tantie.

Silly Lambs - As I washed a few dishes, Eloise decided to 'share'
her bread snack with Finley all over the {just} swept floors!
The big kids went to school on Friday {with a little bug in their ear telling them if they were nice a trip to the movies may be in order} while Finn got both love and bruises from his sweet cousin Eloise at home. And Momma here enjoyed a quick, though busy, venture to a nearby Winners - my most favoritest place to shop in these here parts. 

Care to take a gander at the few items that followed us home? {Keep in mind those two sillies above tagged along. It was a quicky!}

Basic White Mirror - Aww the possibilities!
Im thinking this mirror will be just right for helping pull our entry space together! What do you think? In my mind it was a steal {not steak} for $30.

Storehouse Decorative Pillow
Who knows where we will find this guy over the next few months {even years}! I love the pop of colour it will bring to any space. And the detailing brings in a hint of 'nan' mixing new and old {just the way I like it}!

'Holy' Cow!
 A hole at the seam, which can easily be fixed, saved me a five sheet for my White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks! Got to love a deal!

Surprise!! A gift for Pap!!! {Do you likey??}
And the random purchase of the day. Finley insisted on picking up this basting set for Pap as a little surprise {and motivation} for all the barbecuing he has ahead this summer. 

*We have been discussing grand plans for the backyard this summer - likely everyone has a version of that conversation this time of year. {We being Robert and I in this circumstance, not Finley. Though he does get an earful of plans more often than not!} Do you think the basting set is enough motivation to get the projects in motion? Ill keep you posted!

Im beyond excited with our jackpot finds and cant wait to get them settled here at their new home! {Though I doubt I'm AS excited as those big kids when they not only got to go to a movie - The Croods - but were treated with 'ice cream' {frozen yogurt} and ring pops!}

Ahhh...Sundays! I hope you are able to relax and enjoy yours as well.

Chat this week? 


  1. Oh what a lovely Sunday! I look forward to sharing a few with you. And the bbq's... I look forward to these this summer, as well!
    As for the purchases... I love anything white trimmed. Gorgeous Mirror! And the pillow. What a brilliant colour! Can't wait to see it's whereabouts for the next few years!

    1. You are beyond sweet lady!
      We are very much looking forward to enjoying the backyard with you as well! The only thing left is to get it done...and mix up a daiquiri.


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