Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Planning to Plan

My mind is in a kerfuffled state. As is my house.

That is always the case for me while recovering from an illness. My mind is trapped in a heavy haze as my house is held hostage by the forever lingering 'Dust Bunny' - he lives with us all year, not just at Easter, and is in fact much more frightening than he sounds. But the key is not to get ahead of myself. The only thing worse than getting sick again is being sick with my house turned upside down.

Solution = Planning.

In loo of actually getting started on a project right away I thought I might plan to make a plan. Genius - I am aware! {We shall see if I can follow through with this planning and not put Robert to work...}

So I will find a comfortable perch from which to observe and take a novels worth of notes to be combined with my already lengthy 'to-do' list.

The likely nook to cozy up in and get to work.
The strategy is simple {in theory at least}.
  1. Make a list of each space in {and immediately outside} of the home.
  2. Breakdown everything to be done in or purchased for said room.
  3. Prioritize the tasks listed in step two {priority deemed by value added to our way of life, resale value, and financial feasibility} 
  4. Green light! 
This planning process is new to us. We are typically impulsive when it comes to getting started on a project around the abode. Which is strange actually because Robert is a very 'play by play' planner and I can hardly make a decision in any other area of life no matter how big or small. But when it comes to getting things done around the house well, 'What should we do today Allison?' was only asked a few times before Common-Law learned his lesson.

What about you? Whats your approach to getting tasks done around the house? Are you impulsive, a heavy planner, or somewhere in between? I'd appreciate any help I can get!

Keep an eye out for the outcome of this 'planning' step. I could surprise myself but most likely will surprise you with having the power tools or sewing machine out!

Happy Wednesday!


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    1. Thanks Leanne! It certainly is one of my favourite spots around here these days.


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