Monday, 22 April 2013

Labelling Toward a Better Tomorrow

We have finally made some progress around here. Thank heavens! I was beginning to think this blogs sole purpose was a sort of 'sharing how-to in reverse' {channelling 'How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days' anyone?}. Weren't you??

Well fear not! We have managed to create a lovely plethora of labels for the entryway that will help improve its functionality ten fold - and they are cute ta' boot.

Shall we?...

I took a simple 'tag' approach, as you can see. A classic look done with a bit of twist. Classic = Will not need a switch up for a while {cheers to that!}. Twist = A bit of an upgrade from the same old thing. Win, Win. And they are easy-peasy to make. Triple victory!

*I had mentioned on Friday that we were working on these. At the time, I had a completely different vision in mind. Like-a-so...

I guess I was feeling more cheerful than I realized that day because I chose a zillion paper options and funky lettering. Before long I was finding things too busy and worried I would get sick of it long before Ill want to sit down and redo {we are moving forward around here, not in circles}. So a quick change in the game plan and we were back on track.

So, Ill give you a quick walk through:

Select your paper style(s).

Flip the paper to its backside and line up tag shape. {I used a pre made style but you could just as easily create one to suit your specific needs and taste.} Trace the stencil. {I opted to extend the length.}

Then just cut it out. Basic.

At this point I added an eyelet because they save the tag from tearing easily. But you most certainly could opt for a hole punch instead. Whatever you prefer.

If going ahead with the eyelets, apply a mark where you would like to place it.

Make sure you place something thick beneath the tag before using the tool to make the hole. Or else!! Then fill your boots.

Place your eyelet in the newly punched hole with the shanking facing up. 

Flip the tool over and place the setter into the eyelet. Pull up on the tool and let go. This hammering motion will set the eyelet. You may have to do it several times.

And there you have it. Add your lettering and/or pretties and you are good. to. go.

This tag is for one of the baskets on my new and improved upper shelf. I added a second pattern and raised it up because it will add visual appeal and draw the eye up just that much further.

All you have left is to attach the tag to your bin/basket. String the eyelet, tie, and go. 

A quick and easy DIY that will add character to any space.

*To avoid having every tag look exactly the same, I did make several versions.

*And to keep with the black, brown, cream, and white theme, this too will be found in that closet somewhere.

Check back soon to find out where!

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  1. Elaine MacDonald22 April 2013 at 16:08

    Now to organize my closets......


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