Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pinch of Productivity, Buckets of Fun

What a B-E-A-Utiful weekend we are having!

My apologies for being MIA but the fam and I have been off galavanting here and there and everywhere. I hope the same goes for you!

Just wanted to stop by and give ya's a quick update of our goings on.

First thing Saturday morning my girlfriend Shannon and her husband returned home after a week in Cuba {which I am not jealous about even a little bit. Zero.} and scooted down to pick up Charlie {their sweet pup who had been staying with us and was included in a mini photo-op here}. After seeing him off, which was a devastatingly sad time in Moe's life, Robert got to work finishing up the second shelf in the entry closet {which I alluded to here}. I am rather impressed with that mans Handy Manny skills.

Simple joy to an organizers eyes.
Leaving this as is, we packed up and headed to Truro for the afternoon. We scouted out fabric for a DIY project to start this week for the entry {keep checking back for more} and scored three bigger bin/baskets for the entry closet {which I am beyond excited about! They are so so me!}

This is the direction the entry seems to be taking.
{Still trying to find a pop of colour. Suggestions welcome.}
Upon our return home we did a quick once-over, because we had just left the house as is {which is never the ideal}, and hosted friends for the evening. After the exchange of many a story {some long winded} and the very best from-the-gut laugher we called it a night. A Saturday to be cherished.

Sunday brought with it sunshine once again and we have been out and about - collecting groceries and me falling madly in love with EVERYTHING in the Superstores seasonal section {bring on those summer days and nights!}. 

Now we are off with the neighbours to a local ball field to let the dogs have a 'tear' off leash {Roberts words}. That dog of ours is spoiled rotten. 

Check out his new friend!
I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends as much as we have. Perhaps you have even combined productivity and fun. Enjoy the rest of your day and we shall chat this week - on the flip side! Cheers!

Spreading the love from our home to yours!

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