Friday, 19 April 2013

Chit Chat

Are you up for a quick chat my friend?

Go grab a hot beverage and snack of choice and let's settle in for a little gossip.

So, what is new with you?

Sure, I'll go first. Why not?

It certainly has been a week. And that is putting it mildly. I shared a little with you earlier about some of the tricks my mind has been playing on me, which you can read about here if your mind is anything like mine and have forgotten. But since then things have been up and down - just a tiny smidge.

Finley and I went to visit a girlfriend of mine, Amy, and her two sweet boys yesterday afternoon. Us Mommas  managed to enjoy a quiet meal and white mochas with dessert while all three boys took well needed naps. Can you say 'heaven?' When the little monsters woke from their peaceful slumbers they hit the ground running and passed a lovely afternoon. When it came time to head out I packed Finely in the car and scooted quickly inside to grab my bag while my girlfriend used my NEW phone to look at something online. Her attention was quickly distracted toward something one of the boys was doing and she absentmindedly placed the phone on the roof of my car. Of course I didnt think to locate my phone before taking off and managed to miss the white/grey object directly in front of me as I crawled into the car {genius that I am}. Im sure you can predict the rest of the story. I drove off, happy as a clam after my lovely afternoon...The End. Not.

It wasn't until I came through the doors here at home and got Mr. Finn settled that I realized my phone was MIA. You see, I had a ladies night planned with the gals from our neighbourhood and I was responsible for calling in the food and had yet to collect one order. Without panicking, I dialled Amy to ask her to please bring the phone along when she came to town later that evening. There was no phone of mine at their home and quickly the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Enter instant panic! My phone was somewhere between her home and mine, some 20 minutes away. Awesome. Let me tell you. I was F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G. O.U.T! Common-law would have murdered me dead right then and there, clear across the country, had I lost my brand new gadget of a phone.

Thankfully, and I mean that from the deepest core of my person, Amy's husband came to the rescue! We located the phone via the iMac and pointed him in the right direction. Off he and the dog went until they come home loot in hand! And exhale! Memorable to say the very least.

As a result of the repeated mishaps and obstacles I have encountered this week, Finley and I need to keep things close to home until our luck changes. Thus, the chat over coffee with you fine people and the state of my home - specifically the dinning room table.

Productivity Central
 Lists are a-growin', labels are a-comin', and colour schemes are a-brewin' {along with the coffee}.

Potential Labels for the Entry. I'll keep you posted on the end result!
Colour Scheme?
I've decided to add our new pillow purchase to the mix in the entry for now. Along with some of these paper options. What do you think?

Anyways... Enough about me. Whats new with you???


  1. Panic phone situation!!! Glad to hear it had a happy ending!
    Like the tags interested in the final entry results!

  2. Elaine MacDonald19 April 2013 at 16:52

    Glad it was a happy ending for sure, love the pillow....


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