Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Step by Step

Flowers to share on this dreary Wednesday.
While working on yesterdays grout cleaning mission I had quite a little bit of time to take in my lower level surroundings and was less than impressed with what I saw. As one would expect to see in any well lived in home the baseboards in the entry have taken a rather ugly beating, resulting in some less than appealing bumps and bruises.

So taking advantage of the already emptied space and clean floors I set to work. As I gathered all the gear together {white paint, brush, small roller, tray, and painters tape} I kept thinking of how much work it would be for a seemingly insignificant task in the scheme of things. But it turned out to be much less work than anticipated and boy does it make a difference to the space as a whole.

A step by step for quick yet great results:

  • I did a quick wipe down of all the baseboards. 
  • Then laid the painters tape as close to the board as possible {or wedged beneath where they didn't quite meet the floor}
  • Add a second layer of tape to broaden the width you have to work with {*the trick to a speedy outcome because you can allow the roller to go all the way to the bottom with no worries}
  • With your brush, paint the top ledge of the board.
  • Follow by the roller on the front of the board {this will catch any of the drips from the brush strokes above}
  • Repeat if necessary
  • Pull up tape once dry
And ta-da, you are done. Just like-a-so. 

Before - One section all scratched and bruised. 
Double width of tape = quick and no mess.
Finish Product. Clean and ready for another year.
 Not much effort put forth, yet a rewarding outcome! {*And while I had the paint out I touched up the doors in the entry as well as the scuff marks on the bottom of the doors off of the kitchen.}

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Look at you! You are quite the handywoman indeed!

  2. Elaine MacDonald12 April 2013 at 07:56

    Wow you are productive! I am taking notes, room by room to do list for Stuie! with my help of course.

    1. Do let me know how the room-by-room list works at your house!


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