Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Inspired Commitment

I need to learn to commit. Period.

Relax everyone, no need to panic! I'm referring to commitment when it comes to our home. Robert has nothing to be concerned about - outside of the fact that our house may remain in a state of desperate 'blah' F.O.R.E.V.E.R. {Channeling 'Squints' from The Sandlot. Remember??}

Apparently I am easily distracted. Who knew? {Did the fact that I am working on countless projects at once give me away?} Back to serious business people!

I have been searching for inspiration to help pull the spaces together that I have started and are currently patiently waiting in limbo. This sounds bad. I know. Like why would a person start a blog and act like they know what they are doing when it comes to home decor and such, when in all reality they cant seem to pull a basic entry or laundry room together? Touché my friend! Touché! Fair question indeed.

Well I will tell you.

First of all, that hurt my feelings. Doubting me like that. I mean come on! {Insert smile here} Second, everyone needs a little inspiration now and then. Even Martha I am sure. I mean, I feel a surge of inspiration just from watching the clip above. Don't you? Third and final, {beware of a whiny complaint ahead} I have not had much time to really get out there and shop around for deals, treasures, and the pretties we all love so much.

The solution? Until I get out on a mad hunt at local yard sales, flea markets and the ever alluring mall, is to keep my head down and power through of course! Or...better yet, be on the lookout for ideas that really inspire and move me to action. I love many a magazine for this very purpose: such as Better Homes and Garden, Martha Stewart Living, Traditional Home, and Real Simple to name a few. And am head over heals for Pinterest because I can keep track of the spaces that inspire me and I don't have to worry about not being able to track the image down again and have to go searching willy-nilly about the internet.

The specific set back I am running into with my spaces {Entry, Laundry Room} is my fear of colour. {This is the moment that Robert would point out the dull shades of green that don the walls throughout our home.} I love the idea of colour but am terrified to commit. What if I change my mind and get sick of it? I don't want to spend the money and have it go to waist. Which is why my general rule is to add the pop of colour as something easily switched in and out, like the pillow I purchased here versus a large staple item such as couch or large rug. I just personally find those basic items, that you want to have live in your home through many years of style changes, manage the task with much more ease if dressed in a neutral shade.

*Though I am anti-commital when it comes to colour, very little holds me back in the organization department. I already have a few tricks up my sleeve that are just around the corner.

I wanted to share a few, out of the many, that I am admiring right now.

The crisp white in this laundry room is just exactly what makes me swoon. But the pops of yellow in the roman blind and brown tray {because brown is a pop of colour in my books} really bring the space to life!

This space actually reminds me of my own and what I had somewhat envisioned when drawing it up. Because my machines are not blue however, I have to add the colour elsewhere... But the baskets are similar to ones I already had in mind and got for less than half price at the Canadian Tire. Fancy that!


Whoo Doggy! This space is nothing like mine {much higher class than my house can offer} but it achieves the goals I have set out for my, much smaller, space: seating for removing or putting on footwear, a mirror to check your teeth on the way out the door, a sense of comfort, storage, all while being visually appealing. What more could you demand from your entry really?

'A dream is a wish your heart makes...' That song describes exactly how this room makes me feel. I quadruple love this and the fresh, airy feel it depicts. And yet again we find handy-dandy baskets. Come home, kick off your shoes, drop your bag, hang your hat, and just love life. Done and Done. *Alas, my entry will never look this way...in this home maybe... {Now Robert has something to really worry about!!!}

I hope these spaces sparked some inspiration in you as they have me. I am getting anxious to set out and capture those items that will complete our limbo spaces {in this current home}. Eeek!

Chat soon!

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