Friday, 5 April 2013

Hodgepodge Friday

Alas, my planning session did not go exactly as originally intended. Does anything?

The good news, however, is that the original plan {which I set out here} was in fact a decent one and is going to work fantastic for us - eventually. The process of getting everything down and organized is just going to take a tad longer than I had originally anticipated. And truthfully, I am just not as patient as I seem in writing! {Enter giggle here - hehe} Therefore, since I have Common-Law around for a few more days I thought I'd put him to work and tackle a few simple projects while I work away at organizing my sporadic thoughts and plans.

So what I can offer you on this bright Friday afternoon is a glimpse into the hectic hodgepodge that is our home. {Honestly, who am I kidding? Our home can be summed up as a hectic hodgepodge on a daily basis! And it's Friday, so it's ok! Right?}

My 'Medium Black Book' of lists & lists & more lists
Simple Approach: Black-Space, Blue- To Do, Red-To Buy 
Tabs make it quick and easy to add a task to any list when it comes to mind.
I'll share my 'Front Entry' list with you today because that is where I have put Robert to work already. {Too predictable?} But as I complete each list I will add it with a 'before/as is' shot so you have an idea of what we have to work with.

Front Entry
  • Organize Seasonal Items {Rotate Out}
  • Touch Up Paint Left of Door
  • Clean and Seal Grout
  • Wipe Down Walls
  • Touch Up Baseboards and Closet Shelf Front
  • Change Sliding Door 'Knobs'
  • Build Second/Higher Shelf in Closet
  • New {Bigger} Bins/Baskets & Organize
  • Bins for Second Shelf {w/ Lids}
  • DIY Trunk Cushion {Supplies}
  • Make Label Tags for Baskets/Bins
  • Hang Hooks on Left Side of Closet
  • Colourful Mat {Measure}
  • Make Pillow Covers for Seating {w/ Leftover Fabric}
  • Main Wall Decor {Art? Mirror?}
  • Develop a Place for Mail, Keys, Etc.
  • Make/Buy Welcome Sign/Wreath 
  • Shoe Mats for Closet
  • Umbrellas
  • Screen Door
  • Paint Front Door/Screen {Supplies}

Phew! That is it - for now.

*I have written down literally everything that I would ideally like to accomplish in this space {and will do the same for every other space in our home}. The reality is that it will take years to accomplish everything; if we even stay in this home long enough to make it through all of them. But the lists are intended to be goals with dreams incorporated. Why not dream a little {or a lot} along the way? What could it hurt aside from our budget?

And a peak at whats first up on the agenda...


We hauled everything out!

And now Robert is working on one of  those items from my list!
Naturally, I am tickled pink with our productivity. I hope you are inspired to get to work on something this weekend too! 

* I just had to share that Robert and I got out on a hot date to the movies this week and saw Olympus Has Fallen with Gerard Butler {whom I love love} and it was fantastic if you are into action films! Four thumbs up!

Date Night Cheeses!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Elaine MacDonald12 April 2013 at 07:28

    Missed the blog this week. Can't wait to see the end result. Great picture!!


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