Monday, 8 April 2013

Laundry Room In Motion

Can I just say that I am love love loving working on to-do lists for each space in the house {which I set in motion here}. Not only is it motivating us to get to work on little projects we have been putting off for what seems like for-ev-er but my mind is getting a well needed break. Up until now I have been mentally cataloguing everything we need and want to get done around here and let me tell you that is absolutely exhausting.

Another result of the list making is that I am now all over the map but in a logically controlled way {which is in fact possible in my little world}. Usually I start one project and work away at it until completion. The problem with that has always been that it would take forever and a day and I would get frustrated along the way. By the end it would have become a chore rather than the fun adventure originally intended. 

And honestly, I live in Pictou County {enough said really}. I can't just run to the store and get everything from my list exactly as imagined. It takes time to shop around and find that perfect item. I am hoping that this new approach will be just the ticket to a happier me and lovelier {questionable term} home.

That being said, I have moved on to listing up the Laundry Room. Here is the to-do list {thus far}:

Laundry Room
  • Paint Touch Ups
  • Baskets for Upper Shelf
  • Organize Items in Baskets
  • Make Label Tags
  • Add Hooks to Long Wall (3)
  • Art/Charts for Hangers
  • Frame 'Purple' Poem {Hang}
  • Gather Containers/Bins/Bottles & Organize
  • Make Labels for Large Laundry Baskets
  • Clean Grout & Floors
  • Retractable Hanging System for Diaper Drying {Hang}
  • Door Label {Hang}
  • Mat
  • Cute Step Stool
A do-able list I would say. 

Now to help you get an idea of the space.

We have done some work to the Laundry Room since moving in. Originally, it was completely unattractive and impractical, housing just the machines themselves.

Ta-Da! Fancy Eh?
*That is the only photo I could find from before. I can't imagine why!?

Since then, I drew up a rough plan of what I wanted to see in the space to make it more functional. Robert set to work and created a space that is everything I wanted. Simple, clean, efficient and potentially attractive.

Laundry Work Station
Likey? I hope so.

Robert built the shelving system for between the machines and then a tiled, easy to clean, countertop above. It is a perfect height for me to do the folding and ironing. Above he added a shelf and hang-bar for air drying. *The top shelf is a touch higher than I would have liked ideally but I had to keep the length of Mr's shirts in mind. Also, if you are building a new house, I would recommend purchasing your washer and dryer early on so that your plumber knows how high or low to place the box - it is an eye sore to avoid if possible.

I can't say enough how wonderful it is to have a helpful man around to bring my hairball schemes to life. 

*Here are a few more angles to the small space so you have a better idea of what we are dealing with. 

Now you have an idea of the progress we have made in the laundry space and have seen its bare bones. We will put the to-do list to work and see if we cant bring it to life with some practical organization {and some pretties of course}.

Happy Monday All!

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  1. Hey! I luv ur laundry room! I want my hubs 2 do mine pretty much exactly like urs! Lol! What did he build the counter out of? And the shelf up above? Thanks! My email is if u want 2 message me! :-) Thanks!


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