Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring Spruce Up

Flowers of the week.
{A gift from my sister in law for hanging out with the kids.}
This time of year, when mother nature starts to give us Maritimers a little break, an automatic alarm seems to go off inside of me. A switch from 'lazy' winter mode to 'extreme turbo' happens in a split second sending everyone and everything running for cover. 

I attribute this 360 degree change to the weather mostly. After a long cold winter, I throw open the windows and doors and escape the cabin fever that engulfs us. Everyone else seems to do the same. Our street has been taken over by kiddos on their bikes and trikes, busy bee neighbours working in their yards, and everyone and their momma out for early morning all the way through to late night strolls. 

And this gal is in her glory! All of us here at the MacDonald/Gaudett household are loving every single itty bitty second of it. We finally get to pull out some of our lighter jackets and tuck away those bulky handmade wool sweaters {scored at Frenchies and loathed by the Common-Law}. The 'Spring Clean' gets cranked up to the next level. Out with the yard tools. In with the windex and paper towels. And this is the time of year for 'the list' to really take centre stage and shine! We can enjoy weather and be productive at the same time. Music to my ears.

But not just the house and yard need attention. After a cold winters worth of neglect, I need to turn some of that turbo energy inward. Which is why I have made, you've guessed it, yet another list. Winter  around these parts takes a toll on a person. It just drains all the warmth out of you making it difficult to stay motivated and leaves you all scraggly and plump, no sharp edges in sight. Thus, the much needed list.

Most people make their yearly resolutions at New Years. I make them too, but never follow through. I cant even remember what mine where this year. But when spring time rolls around and the warm sun shines its face, I hop right back on the resolution band wagon. A few seemingly menial goals will make all the difference for the season ahead. {And if I do really well with these, I will tack on a few more. Capeesh?}

Drum roll please...
  • Walk Moe twice a day. {Simple right? Good for him. Good for Finn. Good for finding those sharp edges again.}
  • Shower, Dry/Straighten Hair, apply Makeup three times a week. {Simple right? Will make all the difference I am sure.}
  • Try a new recipe once a week. {Simple right?}
  • Read a book {Does't have to be rocket science or philosophy. Just a little light reading. Simple right?}
And thats it. Nothing mind blowing. Just a few simple things that I don't always, or sometimes ever, take the time to do. But they will make all the difference in how I think and feel about myself.

What about you? Do you make resolutions or set goals for yourself this time of year? Care to share with the group?

Hope to hear back from you. And if not, chat soon!

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  1. Can I take one of those "Walk Moe twice a day"'s? I am dreaming of morning and evening runs with him!
    I may be able to help with a few other things on that list, too! Bringing books!


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