Thursday, 18 April 2013

Measuring for Success

Can you find the commonality between the photos below?

{Modern Living Room}
{Lakeside Bedroom}
{Floral Bathroom}
{Chic Lounging}
{Living Large}
Okay, okay. Yes, technically there are many commonalities. Fine, whatever.

But for our purposes today there is a single correct answer. And the prize goes to...Area Rugs! {Or Mats, if you prefer.}

Now that you know what you were looking for, I would encourage you to scroll on up and take a second look. Because not only does each space have an area rug but, in my humble opinion, they are also well suited in size and proportion as well as pattern/colour - a difficult feat.

Lets be frank - area rugs are expensive! However, they are an investment worth taking because they are a key component to a complete and successful space. A well fitted area rug sets the stage for everything on and around it - it literally grounds a beautiful space. That being said, like love, a good area rug is hard to find {at least in these parts}. I am committed to finding just the right one for each of my spaces that will live and be loved for many years to come.

When that day arrives, I want to be prepared. So, I have devised a little plan so that I can be 100% confident to pull the trigger. Care to take a little looksey?

This is a photo of my entryway floor and all its glory. {I know you cant help but admire that cushion and slipcover! Learn all about it and associated drama here.} As much as I love the natural feel this little   mat has to offer, it just isn't big enough to do the job I require of it. When we have company, or anytime Common-law is home, shoes and their mess end up all around but not on this tiny guy. But, there isn't an excess of space for a humungo-jumbo option either. Solution? 

How do you feel about this size? 

Taping off different size options will give you a feel for what you really want and can realistically accommodate in your space. {This goes for mats/area rugs to furniture placement/size and everything in between}.

Just slightly bigger than what we currently have, a mat the size of the tape {5x4} would be just that much more efficient.

The process is quick and easy. Just put your measuring tape down to the length and widths that look and feel right to you, then lay the tape. You could even try two sizes at once if there were question {or debate} and can easily lift the tape to move if you are not satisfied right away.

Another option is newspaper or fliers. Just as quick. {Though not as efficient in my experience when trying two or more shapes and sizes at once.}

How do you feel about an area rug this size for our living room {Do ignore its lack of splendour. It is a work in progress}? It would be a biggy - coming in at 10x12. But in my mind this size and a neutral pallet would really have a huge impact on this space. 

Im going to leave the tape down for a while to really get a feel for the size. Ill move the furniture around to see if various layouts would still fit within the boundaries. Keeping in mind that this area rug is an investment piece and will be with us for a long time, I will also consider the furniture that I would like to incorporate down the road: Two chairs in loo of the love seat. A different coffee table, this one is actually Finn's craft table {the wee chairs are downstairs}. And a window bench {which I tapped off to have a better visual}.

I recommend you do the same. Plan ahead so that you do not have any regrets after such a large and costly purchase.

Keep in mind, Common-law arrives home on Tuesday. He will most likely have a smaller/cheaper area rug in mind. The beauty of the tape - once he adds his dimensions within, he will prove my point for me. I'll keep you posted!

Chat soon.


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