Friday, 26 July 2013

Organized Palooza


You have reached the Gaudett/MacDonalds residence. We are currently away from our extra organized home enjoying a few days of family time at the cottage.

But have no fear, there is material to be read and ideas to be found after the past 10 Days of Organization Palooza! 

So come on in. Kick off your shoes. And take a tour of our revamped and totally functional home.
And when you are done, make sure you leave a message after the beep!

Day 1: Refrigerator 
Day 2: Main Living Area
Day 3: Laundry Room
Day 4: Spice Cabinet
Day 5: Garage {Part 1}
Day 6: Garage {Part 2}
Day 7: Recipe Box
Day 8: Spare Room Closet
Day 9: Supplies Closet
Day 10: Master Closet

I linked up at A Bowl Full of Lemons Organize it! Party

1 comment:

  1. Amazing organization and a huge amount of work done in such a short time....I'm way behind .....looks awesome and lots of great ideas !


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