Monday, 8 July 2013

Pull Your House Together {Blank}

Happy Monday Friends!

How was everyones weekend? Get up to anything exciting? Do tell!

Ours was hot! Quite literally smoking hot. There was a heat wave as far as Nova Scotia weather goes. Which typically I would be delighted with because I am all about some heat but Mr. Finley was down and out with a bug Friday through Sunday and the heat only made it worse. We spent all day Saturday and most of Sunday tucked away in the basement until I mustered up the gumption to venture out for a dip at a friends pool with the neighbours. 

And can I just say this weekend was the first time since Finley was born and we started cloth diapering that I regretted the decision. Heat wave and excessive bowl movements are not a great combo. Just putting it out there! *My apologies if that grossed you out. But consider that mild because Robert receive a photograph via text of one of them! I have been told I am overly comfortable with discussing bodily functions. But some times a bathroom tale is too good to be kept to oneself. Blame the three brothers for that philosophy.

So now that you are up to date on Finn's regularity. In other news, Robert is back off to work. That's a big thumbs down. And I know I say it quite often but let me repeat: time needs to slow down. Honestly, pump the breaks! Ever since common-law started working West my life seems to be tracked in blocks - Robert home and Robert away. Time seems to fly when tracked in this manner. Not my favourite to say the least.

Goodness I am rambley. {I officially deem rambley to be a proper term} And since I already seem to be playing the blame game today Ill stay on track and attribute these shifty wave lengths to the disaster that is my home. Logical. Wouldn't you say?

Summer time is wonderful! Absolutely splendid. Delightful. Darling. The hot weather drags me by the ankles out the door and will not take no for an answer. House cleaning is never a good enough excuse. Which is why my home finds itself in the state it is today, and has been for the past month - epic disaster. If you don't believe me, take a look:


Laundry Room

And there you have it! My actual dirty laundry. Apparently I have no shame.

But don't worry! I don't show you these terrifying imagines to instil fear or a sense of defeat. No. 

Instead, I share this reality to motivate. Likely you, or someone you know, have a space or two in your home that could use some organizing to increase function and prevent a build up like I have on my hands. And those problem areas need to be addressed. Not only will it make an immediate difference in how you feel about your home {and hopefully clear my fuzzy mind} but will also help you enjoy those beautiful sunny days with ease as you come and go.  

Of course my go to solution is a list.
  1. Fridge
  2. Main Floor Bath Linen Closet {aka. Hodgepodge Storage}
  3. Laundry Room
  4. Garage
  5. Master Closet
  6. Spare Room Closet
Short and sweet.

But beyond that simple list lies major work. Because I am going to tackle each one of these spaces in the upcoming days to help them work with me to make our lives run smoother. And hopefully prevent them from looking like the above ever again.

Who is with me?

We might as well work together to motivate and hold one another accountable.

Have you made your list? What spaces are you going to tackle this week? No matter how big or small, each area you target will help make a difference in the grand scheme.

So write it down friends and lets hop to it. From those frightening jobs that you've been putting off for months/years to the small yet annoyingly messy areas you just haven't gotten to: That deep freeze that has been ignored. Scary. The 'junk' drawer. Craft/Scrapbooking supplies. The utensil catch all drawer that seems to be eating things. Filing. Linen Closets. The Garage. Seasonal decorations stashed away in a hurry. The medicine cabinet. Pantry... An endless list of possibilities.

Do share your list below or via email so I can help hold you accountable. Then send along your progress. Ill try to keep you posted as well via Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

Happy Organizing!

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  1. You always motivate me to get moving on a project.....vacation week will get started ....


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