Monday, 15 July 2013

Organization Palooza Day 4: Spice Cabinet

We are on the right track toward success friends! Day 4 already.

My home is not at its best. Not yet anyhow. But after another six days we should be laughing. Don't you think?

I was out visiting a friend yesterday who inquired about the state of my home. See she kindly follows along with my project scheming and crazy plans on this blog - though she is just as bad as me as far as projects go. *Yes, I am talking about you Annette! And she was saying something to the affect that my house must be perfectly tidy by now. Which made me laugh. Out loud. Because, as you likely already know, once you start organizing one or two spaces it snowballs into the rest of your house. 

Let me give you an example: Last week I worked at making the main living area more functional {read all about it here}. That entailed a thorough cleaning followed by sorting through bins, baskets, and drawers. At the end of each little project most items went tidily back in but some were redirected to more appropriate places throughout the home - Papers to be filed sent up to the spare room. Craft supplies to the spare room. Electronics up to our desk area. Toys off to the basement. You know the drill. Then I tackled the laundry room {here} and the same dance number repeated - Clothes hauled away in baskets to the bedrooms. Clean but outgrown Finley items sent to storage. Blankets sent to the garage for campfires. Which means all those spaces, if not already organized, need to be addressed.

So you see what I mean. Snowball. Which explains my laugh in response to Annette's question. There is still, and always, lots to do. 
But before I tackle a large room - like the garage, spare or master bedrooms - I thought I would tackle something that has been causing me, and my houseguest, severe stress. Take a look


Spice cabinet here I come!

The cabinet to the right of our stove is the central hub for all things spicy or the like. And though the placement is functional, the organization of its contents were most certainly not!

I love to bake. Common-law and Sarah are little magicians in the cooking department. But this spice cabinet was not doing anyone any favours with its miss mash mess.

So I took it upon myself to address the situation. Take the bull by the horns.  

Mason jars were the beginning to my solution. Then I added a splash of chalkboard paint.

Both to the jars and the cabinet itself. {Common-law had a minor heart attack when I sent him a photo along the way. Eeek}

I tapped a line around the base of the mason jars and applied two coats of the chalkboard paint. That way we will be able to see the written label of what is in the jars without removing them to see the tops because the cabinet is at eye level {for most}. 

But since I was at it, and had the paint out anyway, I went ahead and did the caps as well. Knowing me quite well, as only great friends do, Sarah made that suggestions anticipating that I will get it in my head  at some point to rearrange the entire kitchen and the jars could be assigned to a drawer thus eliminating the useful base labelling solution. 

Originally I planned to use white out to write on the jars but the pen I bought was a bust. Which led me to plan B: White Crayon. Genius. Not only does it look like chalk, but it wont accidentally get erased and leave us guessing or worse, sampling, spices. *But it is washable with warm water and dish soap if you want to replace a jar with something different. 

Plan B = Smashed Plan A!

With a little tinkering, a few shelf adjustments, and implementing an alphabetical arrangement of the mason jars this cabinet is now highly functional! An organizers cooking dream. 

It is pretty too!

And as far as the door goes, it didn't get left out of the functional task either. Real chalk was used to record some handy conversions to have around when in a pinch. Get it? Pinch!

I think after it is all said and done even Common-law will give this little project a big thumbs up! As he does my baking. Right Robert?

As if this project didn't already have me written all over it, a quote is the icing on a delicious cake. But don't worry Robert I didn't forget you completely - you and your spice creations have your very own labelled jar.

Day 4 down. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Chat soon.
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  1. Very cute idea using the chalkboard on the inside of your cabinet! My spice cabinet is overflowing. I have so many different ones but it needs tidying up. I love your crayon idea too.

    1. I hope the ideas will help you get your spice cabinet working better for you Elisabeth!
      I cant tell you how many people have told me lately that it is such a challenging spot to organize. If you used the smaller sized mason jars maybe that would help accommodate all of yours. Just a thought.


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