Thursday, 4 July 2013

DIY Closet Upgrades

Closet DIY update time! Woohoo! 
I am super duper oober goober excited about this project! Can you tell?
Originally I started out with the intention of reorganizing Finley's clothes and possibly doing a little rearranging. But as per usual I got carried away and ended up adding a few projects.
So enough chatter from me and lets take a look at the progress. *Squeal.

Recall this is what we started with. Not good. Not bad. Just blah. But a lot less than functional.

So we cleared it all out and started sorting. 

I had totes worth of big boy clothes organized by size in the spare closet {which, though embarrassing, I shared here}. They were brought over and incorporated in the organization scheme. But all those details will be shared tomorrow. 

Onward toward the construction zone.

There was a great discussion between Common-law and I about what needed to be done in there. Of course the classic shelving up the centre, hang-bars off the side was suggested but we wanted to do something different. So we came to agree upon leaving the top shelf and hang-bar as is and adding two lower shelves along the bottom. I'm delighted!

Our reasoning: Closets are all about function. But not only do we want the space to be functional for us but Finley as well. Now and as he grows. So the idea with the two lower shelves is storage for clothes and essentials now with a splash of toys. As he grows the clothes will go higher and more toys will be added. There will be plenty of room for bins {16 based on my calculations} which is storage a-plenty. And the top can be used as a play zone for cars or legos. Then when the playing comes to an end it can revert to clothes or shoe storage.

Not only will Finn get to use this space when it is done but he can even say he helped! *When he learns a few words. 


Ahh... Two new shelves. Check. Sturdy and painted!

Then I got another hair-brained scheme... Things were looking a little blank. Too much white for a growing boy with a developing imagination.

So Common-law graciously followed along with my crazy and cut some supports while I headed outside with the paint gear.

Peg board was the idea! Oh the functional possibilities. An organizers dream.

Cut to size, I got straight to painting. White. But just wait...

Break out the frog tape and you can create a masterpiece. I went with stripes because they are classic boy and I don't want to have to repaint for some time. But anything could be done on this. That is the beauty of it. *Big pink flowers for those of you blessed with girly pigtails and princess costumes.

So just tape off your pattern and get to painting. I ended up having to do three coats of colour. Time well spent in my opinion.

Look at that! *The peg board or the sexy man. Whichever you prefer.

This is the 'pickle' moment when we realized the board was cut to fit exactly but how would we get it in...

Ta-da!!! After a lot of maneuvering we got it in. Only a few paint touch ups needed.

That smile on Roberts face says it all! We are delighted with the outcome.

Stay tuned for the next step - organization!! 

Chat soon.


  1. okay now pops list grows ...shelves for shoes in our closet .....your work looks amazing.....

    1. Yes, those shelves would be perfect for your closet!!


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