Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Organization Palooza Day 5: Garage

Let's jump right in!

Day 5 of Organization Palooza here we come!

How goes the battle?

My most recent organization adventure has been the most trying thus far. But, fingers crossed, it will be the most rewarding in the end.

Last evening, after a lovely relaxing afternoon at the beach, I got it in my head that I had enough energy to tackle the daunting garage. Boy was I wrong!

It was a disaster to begin with. See for yourself.

Front View {Large Door Open}

Back View {Large Door Closed}

Work Bench {Somewhere there}

I know... It was bad. Terrible actually. I hang my head in shame. As someone who thrives in clean and tidy, this place was bringing me down. But one can only do so much. When a family lives in a space together it is difficult to maintain a tidy space. 

But certainly not impossible!

From my experience, the key to keeping things tidy and functional is practical organization. Everything having a home in a logical place. For instance, paint and all its associated supplies. After we moved into the house I stored all of it in the basement in a cubby beneath the stairs thinking we wouldn't be needing it on a regular basis. But then I got going with Projects-R-Us it ended up collecting on and around the work bench in the garage. The opposite of functional. But the solution is simple: move it all up to the garage where it seems to gather naturally.

Which is the plan. 

But first, before the fun part of tidying began, everything needed a thorough cleaning and sorting. 

So everything out! 

At this point, once 96% of the garage contents were out, I felt optimistic. And dirty. 

A thorough sweep turned up three dustpans full of dirt and sawdust - yet another culprit for the floors inside always being filthy {the other being Moe}.

All the windows were cleaned inside and out. They were beyond. But Sarah was a good sport and gave them a good scrubbing. 

Then came the floors. I can't tell you the last time that floor was scrubbed.

But by that time we were beginning to fade. We were both exhausted. So we took the easy road by squirting some dish soap and spraying the whole thing down with the hose - careful not to get any splatter on the walls. I highly recommend it as a fast and effective method.

While the floor was drying we got to work sorting through the piles of 'stuff' in the driveway. *I opted not to say junk because that may hurt Common-Laws feelings, but by that time of night it certainly felt that way.

Winter items were relocated to the basement storage closet with the rest of the festive season decor. Items waiting to receive DIY treatment were allocated to another basement closet with their mates. *Both in a tidy manner I might add. Piles were made for giveaways, recyclables, and garbage. Like items were gathered to help assess organizational needs.

Then we hit a snag in the road.

A shelf was brought back in and I politely asked Sarah to fill it with paint cans as well as the gardening gear. She got straight to work in spite of an onset of sleep haze {thats a real thing}. It wasn't long before she came at me with these hands...

A can of stain had spilled in a paint tray. Oops. And as she tried to create order she {not so} gracefully stuck her hands in it. Bigger Oops. 

Have no fear, after several rounds of gas as soap and water rinse she was able to clean herself up. *From here on out she shall be known only as Grace {just kidding}. However, the poor thing then entered overtired mode {or was high from the gas fumes} and productivity was questionable. But somewhat accomplished none the less.

Which sadly will have to wait for another day because I have run out of time. The babe is awake. Ill pick this up Thursday. *Tomorrow is Get Inspired and let me tell ya, I selfishly need it!

Until then, do keep in mind the lessons we have learned today: 1)Don't begin a major project that requires completion all at once at late evening hours. That is just silly. 2) Cleaning is essential to achieve function and organization. Just be careful not to make a mess along the way. 3) Choose your help wisely. Enough said? {hehe} 4) Press on. No matter how much work the task takes up front, it will be worth it in the long run.

Well...that fourth lesson will be learned next time. At least I hope!

Do keep me updated on your cleaning/organization/adventure progress!

Chat soon.

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