Tuesday, 2 July 2013

First of the Month

It is a new day. A new month. Which means it is that time again to take a look at our monthly to-do lists and see how we have come along.

If you are just catching this list making for the first time do take a look at last months list here. Or if you have been following along but have yet to make a list of your own, July may be your month!

It is not something to panic about or cause stress. Gracious me, I am sharing with all of you and can't be sure I fully accomplished anything in June. But, I have found that a general personal list is a great way to hold myself accountable and challenge areas that would other wise be ignored. And the duration of one month fits the bill - not too short that I am scrambling to get things done all at once but not too long that it is forgotten.

Last Month's List in Review:

  • Priorities
    • Rob - I am on track to be successful with this goal but would not say it has been achieved. Although, if I ever reach the point that I am done working on this relationship we could be in trouble...
    • Finley - Also on track. Trying to keep the balance between house work, blog work, and play time. I tried including him in the work rather than scrambling to accomplish everything while he slept this month and it was great. Everything took longer but he enjoyed being involved, I think, and we still had our one on one time on top of that.  
    • Moe - We are certainly headed in the right direction. Every night lately I seem to have a very tired pup on my hands! *This is easier when Rob is home for some reason. I hope it continues.
  • Decisions
    • Will - Complete No. Boo.
  • Personal
    • Me time - Baby steps. I took some time to myself in the smaller sense - a yoga outing, coffee on the deck, a walking date with Moe, etc. But it will happen for sure in July because we are booked for a night away tomorrow...
    • Reading - A book has been opened and half read so I am doing better than last month.

Well that wasn't too bad. It is nice to reflect and find that progress was made in some areas.

I am guilty of forgetting, or possibly overlooking, the good things and progress. Instead, I find myself dwelling on the bad or lengthy list of untouched projects still to be done. Robert often accuses me that I don't stop and enjoy the beauty we create in our home because as soon as it is done it is on to the next.

Keeping myself in check with this monthly list has been a great way to keep things in perspective. Has it been helping you in any areas other than productivity? Or if you are going to give it a shot this month what do you hope to get from it?

Now for July:

  • Priorities
    • Rob - Enjoy time together as a family, a couple, and individually.
    • Finley - Plan weekly/biweekly play dates outside of our Fridays with the twins.
    • Moe - Walk twice a day {Exception: if we go to the beach or have an off leash play}
    • Our Home - MUST keep on top of the cleaning. Put the Rewritable Cleaning Schedule to full use.

  • Productivity
    • DIY Projects - 2 to 4. {Perhaps rolling bins and pillows for Finley's Room, firewood bin for the garage, or art for the Laundry Room and/or Upstairs Bath...}
    • Organization - 3 to 5 Spaces. *Garage. *Master Closet and Bath. *Main Bath. The possibilities are endless...
    • Home Town - We are hoping to get down to the cottage Roberts next time home. If that is the case, I would like to do some work at our family cottage. And Im certain I will be unable to keep my mother and her scheming at bay any longer.
  • Decisions
    • Will - Still here. Robert and I need to sit down and work out the details.
  • Personal
    • Reading - Continue. Complete a book??
    • Yoga - 3 to 4 times. The general 'take time for yourself' hasn't been as effective as I had anticipated. Instead of actually planning and taking the time I would deem things as 'personal time' after the fact. So specificity is my newest approach. 
    • Water Intake - 6 to 8 glasses daily. Since I stopped nursing a few weeks ago I have cut back on my water intake and replaced it with coffee, coffee, coffee. Not good. So if I put this out there I can be held accountable. 

And there you have it. Some items on my list are basic, others more specific. But I truly find having it written down and there to check in on and record the progress will make a big difference. Give it a try and see how it works for you. 

I'd love to hear any feedback you can offer. If you are giving this a try along with me. Or a different version you have done for some time. How it works for you. What good you have taken from it. I love hearing from you. Wether it be in  the comment box below or via email.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Chat soon.


  1. Yes I think a monthly plan could be helpful. Now it is just to do it!
    Enjoy your blog!

    1. Oh I am so glad! Keep me posted on how it goes.

  2. Makes me want to make more lists than I already have but your are so right it makes us check in and start over again if necessary. Enjoy your down time Allison, you are a busy lady.


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