Thursday, 18 July 2013

Organization Palooza Day 6: Garage


It was touch and go there for a while but with Sarah's help, better known as 'self staining', we were able to pull the garage back together after our late night, overly ambitious, organization undertaking. *If you missed that adventure do read all about it here.

Take a look at the transformation.

It is as if a weight has been lifted. I actually feel lighter just looking at the change.

Isn't it amazing how a little bit of organization goes along way?

I didn't do anything drastic - yet. 

Due to the fact that the garage is technically Common-laws 'man cave' I wanted to include him in any major organization and aesthetic commitments. But lets be honest, anything is better than the disaster zone that it was before. So in the mean time, as I plot my next plan of attack, cleaning and sorting will have to suffice.

Grouping like items was my approach here. That way once Robert and I do make official plans for implementing storage and organization systems everything will be easily accessible.  

Seasonal yard tools are grouped together by the door to the back yard. Camping/fire gear is collected beneath the electrical panel. *Do note the basket filled with blankets, s'more supplies, and roasting sticks that I came up with here. The bike belongs to Sarah and will return home with her come Summers end which will solve the safety hazard of blocking the electrical panel. Golf gear is together. Tires together. Tools and smalls grouped on the work bench.

Id like to have a rack built above the back door for spare tires, but until then they are out of the way beneath the work bench.

Tools are stashed away in the red tool boxes. The smalls {screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and the like} are somewhat organized in mason jars, boxes, and store bought divided bins. Robert will need to go through and do a more thorough job before I set out to label everything.

This drawer system is something that came along with us from Common-Laws apartment pre us and has proven itself highly functional to store everyday items. 

Close to the door that accesses the house, the drawers hold power cords, sand papers, tapes, safety glasses, putty, scrapers, measuring tapes, etc. Essentially things we use on a regular basis. Again, no labels until the ok comes down from the boss.

This wall has an abundance of potential. But currently it is home to a single free standing shelf, heavier duty lawn gear, and leftover wood. Basic, and not so pretty, but functional none the less.

We brought the paint up from the cubby beneath the stairs {mentioned here}. Best decision EVER! 

It is nice to have it neat and out of the way yet easily accessible. *Already I have had a paint inspiration come to me on a whim and saved myself valuable baby-free time by not having to truck down the stairs to root.

The gardening supplies dons the two bottom shelves. Soils, fertilizers, and plant food are stored in plastic buckets to cut back on mess. Mowing shoes tucked away beneath the shelf.

*Finley's stroller is parked near by. With the ongoing goal of walking Moe twice daily {Goals?} it is efficient always having the stroller readily stocked with poop bags, the leash, and toys. Otherwise it is collapsed and stowed away in the trunk of the car.

The shelving on this wall is a new addition for me. Robert put it up just before he left for work this last time. Therefore, it is my first time putting it to use and I am!

Once again like items are grouped together. Paint trays and gear top left. Tiling supplies top centre. Plastic bins with work and baseball gloves top right. Small paint cans and spray bottom left. Car cleaning and miscellaneous 'Rob Stuff' bottom centre. And a power tool bottom right.

Clearly we need to find a better solution than the recycling bins to store wood and paper for fire building. But for now it is a fine solution because anything is better than it being piled in the middle of the floor.

Now there is room for play! 

The twins love the 'mow-mower'! And Finley {back there in his bright green bug} has mastered climbing in and out. Next is parallel parking!

How goes the organization on your end? Having a Palooza of a time? 

What have you tackled? Success? Injury? Do tell.

Chat soon.


  1. Great information, I always have trouble keeping my garage tidy and clean. I've made a promise to myself to put away all of my tools and not use any extra space as a storage room for things I don't need. My garage also has some pretty badly stained concrete floors that I have been trying to research a cleaning method for; any tips?

    1. I can completely agree that keeping the garage tidy is something I myself need to keep on top of more diligently. Any tips for regular upkeep versus major overhaul once it is busting at the seems?

      As far as tips for cleaning concrete I have no ideas as of right now. If I come by something I will certainly let you know.


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