Friday, 12 July 2013

Organization Palooza Day 3: Laundry Room

Day 3 of Organization Palooza! Woot. Woot.

How goes the battle? Are you making any progress at your house? Or just sitting back and enjoying following along with me? Either way, as long as you are enjoying yourself that is all that matters.

I have to jump right in today. No friendly one sided banter. The twins are here and it is unpredictable as to how long they will sleep. So let's hop to it.

Today I tackled the laundry room. Well late last night actually. It has come a LONG way.

After countless loads of laundry, sorting through backed up beach and overnight bags, and implementing some new organization this room has become functional again.

Quite the transformation eh?

First things first, everything got emptied out and scrubbed down. It actually looks the same in this picture as when I shared the progress we made since we first moved in. Check it out here.

Then everything came back it. In an orderly fashion of course.

Let's take a closer look. From the top.

The top shelf holds three baskets that are newly labelled: his and hers gym gear and everyones pool gear. A last minute decision to scoot out for a workout or dip wont be any work at all because everything is in one place.

Below the top shelf is a hang-bar that runs the full length of the room. It is perfect for drying delicate clothing. And to avoid a backup and overflowing pile of clothes to be ironed, I leave them hanging to one side until there are enough to get me through a chick flick for an exciting Friday night.

To the right of the tiled counter, which common-law did himself, are the functional pretties. 

A basket of beach towels. For emergencies in the back yard during the summer {you never know when a sprinkler party may break out} or when throwing a quick beach bag together. A glass jar for odd socks. Clothes pins. Bounce sheets readily available. A small glass vile of detergent special for Finley's cloth diapers {the container it came in was beyond messy}. And a temporary bowl of detergent pods used by Sarah {which make the room smell delish by the way}.

Readily available, between the washing machine and dryer, is the rest of the supplies - detergents, iron, stain removers, static guard, and attachments for our steamer. On the floor, below the lowest shelf is a plastic covered bin I use for garbage.

The shelves run the depth of the machines so there is plenty of room to store extra supplies if they go on sale.

To the left of the work station are two hampers - one for clothes and the other for towels and blankets.

Above, on what was a very bare wall, are now three hooks. I am thinking I'd like to hang art of some kind on those pant hangers but have not found that perfect fit so colouring, courtesy of my nieces, adds a pop for now. The centre hook supports our ever busy beach bag. It is always pre-packed with swim diapers, bathing suits, sunscreen, and a life jacket. Just grab those clean towels from the counter and we are good to go.

I hung the erasable weekly cleaning chart right by the door. It wont be overlooked there.

The labels were simple to make and I am delighted with how they turned out. 

I cut strips of blue/grey paper and rounded the corners. Then I used a liquid paper pen to write what was inside. Add an eyelet and you are good to go.

That is that. Now I am actually looking forward to my next laundry day!

Ill keep you posted on what I come up with for decoration in there. But ill take function over pretties in the laundry room any day of the week. For now anyhow! Ideas? Send them my way.

Have you tackled your laundry area yet? What are you working on? I love to hear from you! Share away.

Chat soon.


  1. I'd love to know where you found the shelves to between the washer and dryer. Great idea!

  2. Thank you Tracey!

    Im tickled with delight by your kind comment! Im happy to take full credit for the actual idea behind the shelving unit between the washer and dryer, but the real credit goes to Robert because he actually built them for me.

    *He used leftover wood from the garage for that build - mostly 3/4 plywood for the shelves and sides, with MDF trim for the face.

  3. Thanks so much for the help. Fortunately I have a handy husband too!

  4. I love your laundry room! Where did you get your ironing board?

  5. That you kindly Kalie!
    The ironing board was a hand-me-down from Roberts grandmother. But the cover, which is likely what caught your eye, is from Canadian Tire.


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