Monday, 22 July 2013

Organization Palooza Day 8: Spare Room Closet

Happy Monday!

Can you believe that we are midway through July already? My goodness time flies when you are having fun! No literally. Time is getting away from me. Up, up, and away.

But about that fun. Is everyone enjoying the results of their organization efforts around the house? I know I certainly am. Best of all, by the end of this week I should honestly be able to say that every single item in my entire home is stored in logical place. In a relatively tidy manner to boot! It is a b.e.a.utiful feeling.

Before I get ahead of myself however, let's focus back to the task at hand. There is a process to success after all.

My next stop on the organization train was the craft/miscellaneous item closet in the spare room. It needed some serious as a heart attack attention and that is no joke. Who jokes about heart attacks? A dumping ground for all things 'extra', this place needed some reason. And fast!

Take a look at it now.

First things first: I often feel the need to justify the disaster areas in my home. This being one of them. It is one of those spaces that anything and everything winds up in. When in doubt, throw {blank} in the spare closet. And because of the nature of the space it requires a system to manage the traffic flow to avoid build up. Clearly it was greatly lacking. 

With a few simple changes however, that should all be in the past.

First up to bat - Newly available dresser.

After revamping Finley's bedroom closet this dresser got the boot. And naturally it made its way to the spare room for safe keeping. But turns out it is a perfect solution for my craft supplies organizational needs. The small basket that was filled to overflowing with paper, ribbon, stickers, tools, and close to weighing as much as a small elephant was not up to par. *I think Im confusing my sports.

A filing system holds sticker and letter decals for scrapbooking and label making. While two extra-large jars {scored my Meema} hold loose ribbon and scrap pieces of paper.

The top drawer holds scrapbooking and art supplies: paints, slicer, tape, stamps, ect.

Second: stencils and punch outs.

Third: cork, small papers, and stationary.

Fourth: medium and large paper

Fifth: event supplies {Easter eggs, Finley's birthday celebration decor} 

Second up to bat - totes.

Since we already had a plethora purchased these needed to be put to work. Originally they were being used to store baby clothes but since reorganizing Finley's closet they have sat empty. Until now. *Four were relocated to the basement - two full of baby girl clothes {sigh} and two of outgrown items.

I have the tendency to organize by looks. If it's pretty and somewhat functional I'm all over it like white on rice. But this closet is my exception. It needed to be highly functional because it can get out of control in a real kind of hurry. So I skipped over 'pretty' completely. Enter grey totes.

Instead of cramming like-items in medium sized baskets to the point of over flowing {see Before photo}, totes are a great solution. Allocating each to a specific craft keeps everything together in one place as well as making it easy to transport when it comes time to use it. *I have a one year old so as much as  the idea of a 'Project Room' appeals to me it is not functional. He is happy where the toys are. Which is where the bin will have to go.

I used my five available totes for:
  1. Project Supplies
  2. Gift Bags, Boxes & Ribbons
  3. Sewing Materials
  4. Frames
  5. Paints & Canvas 

And that is a home run for the win. Short ball game eh?

Sometimes simple really is better.

Have you been organizing away in any closets? What is your approach to a successful space?

Chat soon.

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